Internet Dating Tips: 3 Secret Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing an Online Dating Site

Look, It doesn’t matter if you’re 85 years old… It doesn’t matter if you’re 650 pounds… It doesn’t matter if you make the hunchback of Notre Dame look like brad pitt… and it doesn’t matter (fill in your reason why here), all you need to do is post a profile on the proper site, fire […]

Internet Dating Tips: How to Choose Your Dating Site

Short Answer? PICK THE RIGHT SITE FOR YOUR NEEDS Duh. If this sounds like common sense to you — Good, it should be. Unfortunately I have to talk about this because it’s something MANY guys tend to overlook and then scratch their heads and wonder why they’re not getting any results.

Internet Dating Tips: How to Find The Perfet Dating Site for You

I have some fantastic MONEY SAVING ONLINE DATING TIPS for you today, including something about a new site called millionaire match. Specifically, I’ll be sharing how to find the perfect online personals site… … if you want to save TIME AND MONEY, you’re going to absolutely love the specific ideas I’m about to share. Trust […]

Internet Dating Tips – The Only Shortcut is That There Isn’t One

Aren’t you sick of people trying to tell you the ‘secret’ to internet dating? It seems everyone has some tricky little method to meet women online. Let’s be honest. Most of us meeting women online don’t really have a clue about what we’re doing. Most of us spend our time trying one ‘secret’ or another […]

Internet Dating Tips – How to Meet Women Online By Remote Control

 I have 3 questions for you: 1)  How many e-mails does it take to get one RESPONSE from a woman on an online dating site? 2)  How many responses does it take to get a woman’s PHONE NUMBER?  3)  How many phone numbers (and phone calls) does it require to get a woman interested enough […]

Internet Dating Tips – What Madison Avenue Can Teach You About Gettng Women to Chase You

I’m about to reveal what is one of the most valuable secrets a guy can discover to being wildly successful meeting women, (both online and offline) this is one of my favorite seduction techniques – It is this: You must convey to women that you are someone of high value. All too often, I see guys […]

Internet Dating Tips – Why Winking is NOT for you

  Each week I send out seduction tips, and each week get many emails with one question that most guys keep asking over and over again: ‘Dave, is it ok for me to send a wink/tease to a woman instead of contacting her via email?’ I have a simple answer for it: Absolutely NOT. Now […]

Internet Dating Tips – How to Double Your Email Replies

I have a question for you… Would you like to DOUBLE the amount of replies you get from online dating sites without doing any more work? Have you ever wanted a tool that would give you an “almost unfair advantage” over other guys… and with every single woman you email? It’s cool because I figured […]

Internet Dating Tips – Did You Fall For This Clever Trap?

“I Told You So!” Ugh. Don’t you hate when someone tells you that? 😉 Well, you’ll be hearing it from me VERY soon if you keep making this one common mistake. Here’s why… Today I’m going to talk about something so important, it can have a MASSIVE impact on the way you meet women online.

Internet Dating Tips – My Scientific Formula for Attracting Gorgeous Women Online

Not long ago, I went from being a dateless nerd to being called the ìDon Juan of online dating.î After years of testing, tweaking, and getting my scientifically proved internet dating system just right, Iíve combined everything I know about what women want into a system to teach you to get the same results that I get.

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