Internet Dating Tips – Email Examples Part One

Do you ever wish someone could just tell you some real seduction stories which show you exactly what things you SHOULD include in your emails to women? Are you STRESSED out about meeting women online? Well, YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

Internet Dating Tips – How to Get Women to Contact YOU

Being on these dating sites so often, I started noticing something VERY interesting… I would leave myself logged in to a dating site: myspace, match etc., while I was busy doing other things online.

Internet Dating Tips – One of The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make

When most guys see a woman’s checked out their profile, they typically send a woman an email like this: “I saw you checked out my profile, you are so hot, hit me up sometime”

Is This a Dumb Internet Dating Trick?

You might think this strategy is a dumb trick. When I mentioned this at a DoubleYourDating seminar I was speaking at, guys kept coming up to me all weekend asking me questions about it.

A Mental Trick That Stops You From Chasing Women Pt 4

Whenever I’d go to meet a woman from the internet, I’d always imagine that the woman was 350 pounds and REALLY hairy… just like the “encounter” I had. And I’d keep thinking this up UNTIL I’d meet them in person. I know, I know, it’s a funny mental picture. Oh, and cut a brother some […]

A Mental Trick That Stops You From Chasing Women Pt 3

The basic idea is to not give a woman value/status UNTIL she earns it. Think about that statement for a moment. Most guys do exactly what Bill did — give a woman value/status based on… her physical appearance. You are not complimenting her. Great. But your mindset is flawed because you view her as something […]

A Mental Trick That Stops You From Chasing Women Pt 2

If you believe the perfect email template and having a killer profile alone will gain you victory in this game, you’re probably dangerously out of the loop. In fact, all your time spent emailing women, setting up that perfect profile will do you no good if you’re missing the key element I’m going to explain […]

A Mental Trick That Stops You From Chasing Women Pt 1

This is a MUST read. You’ll discover a HUGE INSIGHT into female psychology, and one step you can take to instantly start getting more women interested in you NOW…without meeting more women than you are now or really doing anything. This works because women can’t help but want to “qualify” themselves to you when you […]

The Secret of Unstoppable Confidence With Women Pt 2

The next time you’re out with a woman you’ve met online, just lean back, relax and talk to her about things you’d talk about with your friends. Things you’re passionate about.

The Secret of Unstoppable Confidence With Women Pt 1

What if I told you there was ONE thing you could do which would dramatically ACCELERATE your results attracting and boost your confidence with women. Just ONE thing.  It’s not complicated, and its something that will work for ANY guy, no matter what he looks like, or how much money he makes.

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