Internet Dating and the Woman’s Skirt Profile Formula

Just like a woman’s skirt, your profile should be revealing, not too much, but just enough to stimulate the person looking at it. If a woman’s skirt is too short, you’ll look, but you won’t really be interested in anything other than 1 thing. If it’s too long, then odds are you’re not really going […]

Internet Dating and What Your Profile Has In Common with a Woman’s Skirt

One of the biggest challenges guys have with online dating centers around their profiles, and thats why I’m going to share some very effective profile writing tips with you today. Why are some guys profiles sleek and captivating – while you’ve tried everything imaginable and still feel like your profile isn’t all that great? I’ve […]

Internet Dating and What To Do When You Don’t Get a Reply

This is called a “REGEN” strategy, and is based on the principle of “calling someone back” later. This is so easy that I am embarrassed every time I see a guy screw it up. If you emailed a woman 7 days ago or longer and did *not* get a response, here’s something you can take […]

Internet Dating and The 5 Main Reasons Why Women Don’t Respond to Your Emails

5 REASONS WHY WOMEN DON’T RESPOND TO YOUR MESSAGES. 1. She’s already be overwhelmed with emails by the time you emailed her. 2. She’s already met someone.

Internet Dating and Overcoming the Cold Shoulder

Today I present the cure for the common “cold shoulder.”

7 Tips That Make an Online Booty Call a Piece of Cake Part Three

4. AN INTRIGUING SUBJECT LINE What’s the very first thing a woman sees when you send her an email? No, it’s not your photo, no it’s not your email… it’s your subject line. What you place in that subject line is critical to your email even getting open. If your email doesn’t get opened, all […]

7 Tips That Make an Online Booty Call a Piece of Cake Part Two

When you’re trying to spark interest with a woman you meet online, you need to create rapport, a great way is to ‘make yourself like her’. What common interests do you share? Was there something in her profile that caught your eye? You shouldn’t forget that with email, people generally see it as more private/personal […]

7 Tips That Make an Online Booty Call a Piece of Cake

According to various internet statistics, there are over 50 million active subscribers to dating services. That’s just in the U.S. alone. If you’re single and looking for an online booty call, this is something you absolutely should NOT overlook. Meeting women online is the ‘in’ thing to do these days. Everyone is doing it. On […]

Internet Dating – Don’t Make These Mistakes on a First Date – Part Three

Did you figure out what my friend did wrong from reading his email to me? #1.  He let her pick the spot.  BIG MISTAKE.  He knows it too because he mentioned something about me not getting on him. (He’s learning LOL) Women need the guy to take control. #2. He’s got a great setting it […]

Internet Dating – Don’t Make These Mistakes on a First Date Part Two

Last time we were talking about Internet dating, and mistakes you shouldn’t make when you finally meet a girl you met online, on your offline date. Our case study was a friend of mine, and he’s given me permission to tell you what happened. So he meets this girl online in Sweden and, well heres […]

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