6 Things You Should Never Say In Your Online Dating Emails

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If you’ve been reading my …umm … “Newsletter” for any length of time then you know I’m all about STEALING stuff from *other* places” and putting an Insider Internet Dating “twist” to it…

MAILBAG: How To TEASE Women Online With “Done Up” Pictures

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I HIGHLY recommend setting up a plentyoffish account and messaging women on there right now.

The site is FULL of women. I’ve been getting 50+ phone numbers a month just from this site… oh, and did I mention it’s free?

I got an email today from a subscriber, Mark. He’s running into some ‘trouble’ with women’s photos on these dating sites.

How To Escape From A Bad First Date

Hey there, hope you’re doin awesome and meeting chicks online.

You know, I’ve often wondered about people who lie about their age and appearance in personal ads.

How could they muster up the nerve to meet someone who has never seen them before but had only read a description of them which indicated they were 20-years younger, 12-inches taller, and 40-pounds thinner than they actually are?

Spotting Craigslist Scam Emails

Ok, so a while back (as in last year) I decided to do a little “test” to see if it was a good idea to meet women on craigslist.

(Hint: it’s not)

I got responses from the usual suspects… 300 pound “plus sized” girls, 85 yr old women wanting some “company” and scammer after scammer trying to separate me from my money…

This Isn’t Supposed To Work, But It Does

I just found this cool blog post talking about ‘negative’ body language:

Pretty interesting stuff, right?


Unfortunately, the people writing about this stuff more than likely never actually GO OUT and USE any of it, so they’re writing about stuff they ‘researched’ or about stuff that sounds good, but doesn’t actually work in the real world…