How To Attract Women Without Doing Anything

If you wanna learn how to attract women, there’s a secret that goes far beyond pickup lines, routines, NLP or anything remotely similar.

When you possess this secret, you’ll be able to walk into a room, any time you want… and have the most attractive women in the room approach YOU, wanting to hook up with you.

It’s the secret behind why actors or athletes can walk into a room, and within moments, seemingly have every single hot woman in the room is approaching them, flirting, handing small papers with their phone number on it

How To Screw Up A First Date (Epic Fail)

I couldn’t even make up a story this good… found this gem on a bodybuilding forum… this is a classic story on how to completely screw up a date.

You should know this story has NO VALUE WHAT-SO-EVER and is only for your amusement 😉

7 edating Photo Tips That Get Women Messaging You

Hey there, it’s Dave here, I hope you’re doing great.

If you’re hoping to hook up with some ladies online, you’ve probably already realized just how important your edating photos are.

Call it superficial or phony, I call it reality and the numbers back it up.

According to estimates profiles with photos receive 13-15 TIMES the response as a profile without a photo.

This Little Known Mental Hack Attracts Women For You

Here’s something you might not know about me.

I have a pretty diverse taste in music… in my itunes account, you’ll find everything from Dave Matthews and Led Zeppelin all the way to house music, NWA and cypress hill. (I’m actually listening to house music from swedish house mafia as I write this.)

Heck, I even have a few tunes from Notorious B.I.G. in there as well.

Which is why it caught my attention this morning when I heard some guy on TV talking about the Notorious B.I.G movie…

Anyways, in it, P. Diddy… then known as ‘puff daddy’ says something to Biggie that totally illustrates why he’s been so enormously successful.

Pandoras Box Vin Di Carlo – Does It Really Work?

My Pandoras Box Review – Does It Really Work?

If you’ve spent anytime surfing the net or been to any dating or seduction sites, you’ve probably seen banners plastered everywhere and heard all the buzz about this video called “pandoras box system”.

So what is it?