Internet Dating Success Story – VIVA LA MEXICO!

Check out this email I recently received from an IID student. I’m posting it here because it’s long, and more importantly, he goes into a bit of detail on how he’s having so much success.

I think you’ll learn a lot from this … and …it might fill in some ‘missing pieces’ for ya.


Strip Club Seduction Secrets: How To Bang The Hottest Stripper In The Club (For Free!)

I’ve coached thousands of guys around the world how to take their dating game to a rock star level, and I’ve figured out techniques and routines for seducing virtually any type of female.

Yet for all of the exceptionally classy, educated and beautiful women I’ve hooked up with, I will always have a fondness for strippers…


The One Thing Stopping You From Success With Women

What if I told you there was ONE thing that was stopping you from having success with women… Just ONE thing.

In fact, this ‘thing’ will work on ANY guy, no matter what he looks like, what kind of car he drives …or how much money he makes …and it doesn’t require time, money or even a lot of effort to do.


Use This Email To Meet Women On Pof

This video is awesome… it contains a new DONE-FOR-YOU email you can send to women on POF who click that ‘Want to meet you’ thing, but never email you anything.

Excited to share this with you, feel free to steal it at will 🙂


Meeting Women Online – Your Questions, My Answers

I’ve gone through the emails you’ve sent me and answered some of your questions in a FANTASTIC free audio… teaching you some very valuable lessons I’ve learned about meeting women online.

Really good stuff.