Who the Hell Am I ...and Why Am I Uniquely Qualified to Teach You About Success With Women Online?

Hey there, my name is Dave...

The purpose of this site is to act as a FREE resource and launching pad to help you attract and date the kind of women online you deserve and desire.

For me, it’s about giving back as well as saying thank you to a community that has been so damn good to me.

For you…

It’s about attracting the right women, in a way that makes them pursue you because you are "the prize"...

You know, when I started my little site I had no clue that it would become the most popular online dating resource and blog in the world.

All the attention all over the internet totally trips me out, but I guess it's a good thing... we only grow when we step out of our comfort zone ...right?

And trust me... all the attention IID has been gettin' me and the flood of emails, coaching applications and attention I've been gettin' in the industry has me WAY out of my comfort zone.

I've been featured and quoted in publications like Double Your Dating, The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair Magazine and Playboy and several other publications. But it wasn't always pretty flowers, puppy dogs and candy sprinkles…

Sure, I'll accept the occassional opportunity to be interviewed by one of the big magazines...

But fame is NOT my thing.

I never wanted to be a 'guru'... I never wanted to be in the public eye... I just wanted to help a few men and show people that the 'dream' really was possible.

This may surprise you, but... I wasn't born naturally good with women, in fact, I was downright horrible with women for many years... Before all this...

I Was Your Typical AFC
(Average Frustrated Chump)

In high school I was not always very social, it was so bad, I went to my high school prom ALONE ...and if I ever had anything with a girl, usually it was just because she happened to be either extremely drunk, or she started talking to me.

Things got so bad, I went on the internet looking for help...

I looked everywhere for dating advice... and all I found was some lame bullshit telling me to do these magic tricks, 800 step methods, dressing up like a clown, remembering some weird hypnotize women voodoo thing

...and guess what?

The more I did this stuff, the WORSE my results got.

One night I got sick and tired of not knowing how to meet women and I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I couldn't stand the idea that I was going to spend the rest of my life not knowing how to date the kind of women that I wanted.

I wasn’t going to quit. I knew there HAD to be a way.

Problem was, I was too shy to approach women on the street.

I needed to figure out a way to use my "smart" mind to meet women WITHOUT facing the fear of in-person rejection.

Online dating was that way.

I became a mad scientist... researching every secret pick up technique in existence, learning everything there is to know about attracting women ONLINE and about the things that cause women to feel attracted to men.

I spent well over $10,000 buying all this stuff - raking up my credit cards like crazy.

I studied all the books, courses, and seminars I could find and then tested it out on dating sites.

I decided to take a "scientific approach" and started running "tests" to see what kind of emails got the best responses, what kinds of pictures women seemed to like the best, and the best ways to get women to meet up with me in person.

I kept track of the results and constantly fine-tuned my emails and profiles to make them work better.

I figured out some
really amazing things...

Like which day of the week to email a woman to have the best possible chance of her writing you back (It's not when you think).

Before long I figured out some fantastic tricks that all but guaranteed a woman would respond to my emails.

But I didn't stop there...

I went on to figure out how to get a woman to respond to me WITH HER PHONE NUMBER... almost every time.

Soon I was getting DOZENS of phone numbers (not emails) a week from beautiful single women.

But this still wasn't enough... I needed to figure out exactly what to say on the phone to get a woman to meet me in person.

It wasn't long before my email-to-date ratio was sky high.

But then I ran into a...
umm... "little" problem.

Although I was meeting women and getting dates on a consistent basis... some of the women I was meeting ended up looking a little bit "different" in person then they had in their online photos.

And a few of them looked A LOT different... I'll say no more.

So what did I do?

I came up with a SCREENING SYSTEM to ensure that I didn't waste my time meeting women I wouldn't find physically or emotionally attractive.

Eventually I "cracked the code" and figured out a simple step-by-step system that any guy can use to meet of women online... consistenly and easily.

At this point, I was like, “Hmm... maybe I should show this to some friends and see if it works for them too.”

So, I showed this to a few of my friends and the crazy thing is... it worked extremely well for them too!

Anyway, next thing you know,
things got a little... CRAZY

I guess through word-of-mouth it became viral... they started telling THEIR friends about it... who told some of their friends about it...

Who told some people...

All of a sudden guys from all over the world are BOMBARDING my inbox asking me about it...

Then... David DeAngelo is interviewing me asking about it...

Then ...he invites me to speak in several of his ‘Double Your Dating’ programs to talk about it.

Next thing you know, Vanity Fair is calling... ABC Nightline is calling... the Wall Street Journal is calling... even ...PLAYBOY is calling!

All asking me about it and to learn exactly what I was doing to hook up with so many women.

(So you can understand why I was worried.)


And the chances are very good that when use it, you'll attract a LOT more women.

But lets face it, I can share all of my women-getting, attraction-generating tactics with you… but if you don’t actually “DO” anything with them… the odds are stacked HIGH against you

The amazing thing about this entire system is the minimal amount of time, effort, and knowledge needed on your part to put this to work.

These days I get dozens of numbers and dates each week... without ever leaving the house.

I've even figured out some great ways to get women to come over to my place right away.

If you're a man who wants more success with women online, this website will show you strategies you can apply to your own online dating today that will help you meet a lot more women in a lot less time.

By applying these simple strategies you will literally dominate your local area… while your competition fights for all the average women. They'll be working their butts off begging for dates while you've got a new date with another hottie lined up every day this week.

It’s that simple...

These are solid online dating strategies that I didn't really wanna share with anyone… but so many people kept buggin' me about it that I decided to start this blog…

I'm gonna give you a lot
of my secrets away for free

Why? It's simple…

I know that if you apply what I teach right here on this site you're gonna start to meet a lot more women… then down the road there's a good chance you'll buy products and services from me because of all the results you've gotten from what I'm teaching you for free…

So basically I've decided to start this relationship off with the giving hand, because I know it will come back to me… it ALWAYS does.

(Make sure you fill out the opt-in form for a free interview on the top of this site so I can send you a link to the page with the interview that's filled with things you can start doing today to meet more women online.)

What's really cool about the stuff I'll be teaching you here is how simple it is to apply.

Take me for example, I've met hundreds of women so far from dating sites and I used to be petrified to approach women in public… So if I can do this stuff, anyone can… trust me… it's easy once you know what you're doing…

These days I've found my true calling in life – coaching and consulting men who want more sucesss with women online.

I won't go on bragging about who I am and what I've achieved. You can figure that out by spending a few minutes on this blog and reading through the success stories on this page.

I'll be updating this site on regular basis with TONS OF KILLER CONTENT that will have you meeting more women in no time.

You CAN meet the women you want online, when you want ...and have a fun time doin it... if you want it enough, do what this site and my programs show you to do and are an overall good and cool person… then there’s no doubt that you can now go kick major ass with what you’ve found here.

(Oh, and before I forget, as a quick heads up…  I do promote affiliate products on this site and in my newsletters from time to time, and while I ONLY promote stuff I believe in, if you buy something from another site  who I referred you to… like via clicking a link or banner… assume I make a profit ok?)

I just wanna be up front about that with you in case you didn’t know I did that or how those things work.



I created this blog for you. On these pages you'll find idea, tips, systems, tactics and strategies for taking your online dating to the next level. You'll also find links to my products and services that can really help take your internet dating to massive success.

As you might guess... my research is worth nothing, unless, used properly.

I look forward to helping you enjoy the hell outta your online dating...

And who knows, maybe you'll find what you're looking for. :-)

Talk soon!

Dave M.

P.S. I am in the trenches just like you still learning new things with each passing day. There is nothing wrong with making a mistake as long as we learn from them and that’s what I am here to share with you.

Enjoy :-)