How To Get Her To Sleep With You

By Dave M.




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GUEST BLOG POST by Craig Miller

 sleepwithyou-mainSo you want to get her to sleep with you?

I’ve heard men think about sex every 7 seconds.

When they see a hot girl they might think, “I’m want to sleep with her.”

Yet the men who get laid the most actually aren’t thinking this AT ALL.

They’re thinking about how to create a situation in which it would be impossible for sex NOT to happen.

They might sound the same, but there’s a BIG difference.

For example, if a guy says to himself “I need to kiss her!” then he’s just going to dive in for the kiss when he thinks it’s the right time.

The problem is this catches women off guard and it usually feels like it’s coming “out of the blue” for her when you just dive in there.

Instead, put your focus on creating a situation in which it’s impossible for you both to NOT be kissing.

What would that look like?

That’s where you want to put your focus. 

Another example – let’s say I want to make sure I always brush my teeth before going to bed.

I want to make sure that forgetting to do that becomes impossible.

What can we do to make that happen?

Here’s some ideas: put a post-it note reminder on all my doors, put a toothbrush in every room of my house, put a giant inflatable toothbrush in my bed so I can’t even go to sleep without thinking about it, pay my friend to call me at the time before I go to sleep, set an alarm (or even multiple alarms), buy 1000 containers of toothpaste so I never run out…

If this sounds a little exaggerated, that’s because I’m thinking about ways to make it impossible not to forget!

girls-in-hot-tubNow if you want to make sex impossible, what do you need to do?

Here’s some ideas: Candles, music and dim lights always will help.

Sex is more likely to happen at night.

Can you take her somewhere unusual that she won’t expect to have sex and it will be easier?

I always tell people that if I had a private Jacuzzi that getting a girl into bed would be easy, so why not?

She’d have to be practically naked just to get in there with me!

Now this is really just the very beginning of your list.

Here’s my next challenge for you: Watch this short FREE video I created about how to put this into action.

This video reveals “hidden signals” women send when they’re interested in sex… when they want a one night stand… or when they want to make out.

Once you see these signals it will be easy to find the girls who are interested in you and even girls who are desperate to hookup.

Watch This Short Controversial Video That Got BANNED From TV!

– Brett

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