Mistakes with Women That Mess Up First Dates

By Dave M.




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testsHey, Julian here

Have you ever been out with a girl, and she says something like …

“You know we’re not having sex tonight right?”

Well, we’ve all been there my friend.

And it’s no fun.

But what if I told you, that the way you REACT to her statement determines whether or not she goes to bed with you?

Now, before I tell you how to respond, it’s important that you understand how NOT to respond.

So let’s visualize a situation…

You’re on a first date with a woman and you’re having a great time at a local bar.

Then she drops the bomb:

“We’re not having sex tonight, so don’t get your hopes up!”

How do you react?

Most guys will subconsciously reveal their disappointment, either by pausing, or being visibly affected in any way. (bad)

And some guys will consciously reveal their disappointment, by frowning, and saying something like…

“Well, why not?”  (death)

So here are 3 killer tricks that help you turn this pivotal moment to your advantage…

TRICK #1: Be PREPARED For Her To Say It! 

I’ve found about 30%-40% of my first dates, will tell me that we’re “not having sex tonight“…

(and 90% of them are dead wrong;)

The point is, 30-40% is a lot, so you should always be prepared for it.

And by the way, if your dates don’t say this to you… it means you’re probably NOT pushing the relationship forward aggressively enough.

(To learn how to push the relationship forward much faster, check out my new video … (NSFW!))

 TRICK #2: Flip Her On Back! 

Not literally of course. But if you take my advice, you’ll get to do that too;)

Immediately laugh and say something like…

“Whoa! I can’t believe you’re thinking about sex already! You’re going have to take me for dinner before we even think about that!  Wow, what a dirty mind you have…”

This reaction is critical because it establishes YOU as the prize, AND it creates some doubt in her mind about your true intentions.  She’ll wonder…

“Wait, does he really want me?”  (good)

(To learn more ways of being seen as the prize… check out my new video … (NSFW!)) 

TRICK #3: Fall In Love With Her Mind…

And now we seal the deal.

The trick here is to really connect with her… bond with her.  Get her to reveal personal information, and give yours in return.

Let her know how much you LOVE her personality.

And her intelligence.

She must feel that you see the real her.

When you’ve accomplished this, you’re ready to use one of the smartest lines I’ve ever come up with…

So the next time sex comes up in the conversation, say something like…

“Honestly, you’re so cool and fun to be with… sex is the really the last question mark for me.”

Trust me.  This line is MONEY.

(To learn more genius lines like the one you just read, check out my new video … (NSFW!))

And the rationale behind it is simple:

– We already know we like each other.

– We already know we get along.

– But what if we wait for weeks or months to get intimate, only to find out that we’re NOT sexually compatible?

The logic behind this technique is indisputable.

And it gives her incredible justification to sleep with you immediately.

FYI – at this point in the interaction, she may or may not agree with you.  If she sticks to her guns, and says…

“Yeah, but we should still wait”, 

…don’t flinch.

AGREE with her.  

And just focus on getting her back home or to wherever you have some real privacy.

The rest should take care of itself.

– Julian

PS:  If you want to learn techniques more powerful than this one, check out my new video here – WARNING – it is NSFW, so make sure you have some privacy…

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2 Comments to Mistakes with Women That Mess Up First Dates

  1. If my girlfriend said that to me I’d be looking for a new girlfriend and to dump her. These kind of games I don’t play despite these “tests”. Tests are for school and not for relationships.

    Comment by Cliff Smith — @ 3:14 PM

  2. Never actually had a woman say this but I must remember. Nonchalance, along with coolness. Good stuff. Mr Smith– in a way, you’re right. But it seems inevitable. Do you know any women who don’t test? Why not try it. If it works, you’re golden.

    Comment by matt — @ 1:17 AM

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