Talking To Beautiful Women – The Introduction Hack

By Dave M.




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talk to beautiful womenGuest Blog Post By Greg Greenway

Hey Greg Greenway here from Social Circle Domination.

Los Angeles and London have some amazing women.

Both cosmopolitan cities with beautiful, engaging and exotic women from all over the world.

I’ve learned some really interesting things dating some of the hottest women in both cities, and today I wanted to share my #1 most important discovery with you.

You see there has been one factor which has consistently allowed me to meet and date really high quality women.

A strategy that is so powerful it was the reason I was able to hook up with a Miss USA contestant.

This strategy is being introduced into her social circle, and I’m going to quickly teach you in this article how you can use it to your benefit.

You see high quality women, the ones who are amazingly beautiful as well as having fantastic personalities, rarely date outside of their social circles.

All social circles exist to satisfy a set of needs and desires of the people in them.

They also all have norms, values and “social rules”, which make sure that any new people who come into the Social Group are going to add value to the group and not disrupt it or cause tension.

So the social circle has a natural process of vetting and pre-selection.

The highest quality most beautiful women have more to lose from a social perspective so this is why they rarely ever date outside their social circle.

girls at barI mean why should she date the random guy at the bar and not the guy in her social circle who’s already been vetted and pre-selected?

A guy which she already knows is going to fit easily into her life and with her friends without causing any disruption or tension.

Women are very aware of this.

There’s a strong psychological urge for them to protect their social circles. It’s hard-wired into their DNA as females.

Essentially being introduced to her when you’re a part of her social cirlce is a very WARM introduction.

The warmer the introduction, the more positive the reaction will be from her and the easier it will be for you to get into a significant relationship with her.

However, here’s the cool thing. Obviously the best thing would be to get into her social circle, and I teach a very comprehensive programme on how to access any social circle in the world. But what happens when you can’t quite get into her social circle straight away?

Well you hack her programming.

The same psychological urge to only want to date men in her social circle can be triggered by a simple technique that creates a much warmer introduction than if you went in totally cold.

I call this the “Million Dollar Introduction”.

You see, when a guy is introduced to a woman in a very specific way, even if it’s by a stranger, it will create a very warm interaction for the 2 of you. Again, women are hard-wired to look for these social cues and won’t even realise why she’s so happy to meet you.

Here’s how you do it

Imagine I told you, you could have a million dollars if you gave me the best introduction ever.

How would you introduce me?

You would give me the most awesome, super-charged, high value intro ever right?

A simple version would be:

“OMG, you’ve absolutely got to meet my friend Greg. This guy is super awesome and you’re going to absolutely love him. He’s one of the coolest guys I know, and you two are going to get along great.”

This is how you need to be introduced to a beautiful woman. Because the only other time this happens, is when one of her friends is introducing her to an awesome guy she thinks she should date.

It’s really easy to pull off.

Next time you’re at a bar, or a social gathering, have one of your friends go talk to the girl that you’re interested in, and after a few minutes they need to drop the Million Dollar Intro.

If done properly, this will make the girl super excited to meet you and you start off in a very “warm” interaction.

Obviously you need to return the favour and do the same for you friend.

Give it a go next time you’re out and about with your friends. You’re going to be shocked at how effective and powerful it can be.



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  1. So how do you position yourself in these circles to ride jets, drink fine wiskey, red carpet affairs, especially if you dont have $5000.00 suits to wear??especially on a tight budget who can compete with 2000.00/ wiskey diamon necklacesetc??

    Comment by chuck — @ 10:22 AM

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