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The form below is the best way to contact me… but just so you know due to my busy schedule and the LARGE volume of emails that I get most of these comments don't make it to me, but they do make it to my assistant. Or you can call the office directly at (800) 471-7520.

Have a question? If you have a question for my support team, you can click here to contact customer support and they will take good care of you.

*** Please note: I’m slammed with people asking me to promote their products as an affiliate or JV partner. Right now I’m not looking to take on any new affiliate products or JV’s to promote, but I appreciate you thinking of me.

We welcome JV proposals, but please keep in mind that we are usually booked well in advance for future mailings. We schedule our marketing calendar at least 30 days out so we do require a minimum of 30 days notice for all joint venture requests.

If you send us an email for something that needs to go out next week, it won’t happen.  In addition, we must be able to review your product fully before we will consider if it's a good fit for our list.

If you want to partner with us and you think you have a product that’s totally unique, a perfect fit for our market, and would add tremendous value to the lives of our customers and clients, make sure you include the following with your request:

1. Access to your product (download link, login information, etc.)
2. The location of your salespage
3. Specifics on what your product is, what it does, and who is the best prospect for your product
4. Where to sign up for your affiliate program
5. Access to your promotional materials (banners, pre-written emails, brandable ebooks, etc.)
6. How much is your product? How much is your affiliate payout?
7. If you are launching, when is the launch date?
8. Who you are
9. Are you offering a special discount or coupon exclusively to our list?
10. Any other information you can give so that we have a full understanding of your offer.

Due to the high number of JV Proposals we recieve, it is impossible to review and promote all of them. If your proposal does not include the information requested above, unfortunately, we will not be able to look at it.

Please keep in mind that we only mail on products we've fully reviewed and that are a good match for our list. With so many options out there and wanting to only provide the best of the best to my subscribers, I am forced to say no nearly 95% of the time.

Send everything to Daniel at: affiliates [at], with a subject of “JV Request” to have us consider your product, offer, or proposal.

Once your proposal is submitted, we may or may not be able to respond. Supporting our current products and customers are our number one priority, and taking care of them takes precedence over any proposals received.

Have an awesome day and thanks for visiting my blog :-)