7 Photo Tips That Turn Your Profile Into A Chick Magnet

By Dave M.




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Hey there, it’s Dave here, I hope you’re doing great.

If you’re hoping to attract women online, you’ve probably already realized just how important your online dating photos are.

Call it superficial or phony, I call it reality and the numbers back it up. (it’s not like I’m tellin’ you anything new right?)

Did you know:

Profiles with photos receive 13-15 TIMES the response as profiles without a photo.

(If you needed anymore reasons to use photos in your profile there you go.)

Now, obviously that leads a huge “grey area” as to what types of photos you should use (and shouldn’t) in your profile to help you get the best results.

You don’t need to be a model or even look like one, but your photos MUST stand out.

With all the guys online, and all the choices women can make, how long do you think it takes a woman to look at your online personals photo and say YES or NO?

You’ve got 30 seconds — make the most of it.

In my tests, I’ve discovered a magical combination of photos, once used, that instantly gets women so curious to find out more about you…

They Contact You FIRST

What I find really interesting is that most guys are under the impression that the good looking guys are the ones getting all the ladies, but nothing could be further from the truth…

Average looking guys online tend to do much better online, because women immediately assume the really good looking guy is a “player” and already has a lot of women chasing after him as a result many of women will pass on these men.

The average guy on the other hand is like a “stealth bomber”… you never see it coming… As a result, if you do it right, you can have a smorgasbord of women to chose from.

But …you gotta make sure your photos are showcasing the best you.

7 Tips To Attract Women With Your Profile Photos

1. Use RECENT pictures Obviously this goes without saying and I feel like a shmuck for even saying this because it should be common sense, but you gotta make sure you use RECENT pictures.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve gained 5 lbs, use recent pictures. I’m tellin’ you…. you’d be REALLY pissed off if you’re emailing with a woman and when you go to meet her she’s seemingly packed on like 20 pounds… or aged 20 years in a matter of days.

Oh… and by recent, I don’t mean 3 years ago. 🙂

2. Keep your shirt on – Look, I understand you’re proud of your six pack and I’m sure you want every woman to notice it… but truth is no one wants to see you showing off your six pack abs or flexing your muscles online… it wreaks of desperation.

Not to mention it’s about as cheesy as Jersey Shore, so P-L-E-A-S-E resist the temptation.

If you’ve got a six pack, trust me she’s gonna notice your physique in normal pictures.

3. Don’t use the “lonely photo” This is something 80-90% of the guys online are guilty of.  Those idiot experts will tell you every photo should be with you alone, and they try and convince you that your profile should all be about you… with only you in all your photos… which is total bullshit.

Think about it…

Beer commercials are never about beer, they’re always about everything but beer. It’s all about painting an image… telling a story and leaving something to the imagination.

4. No bathroom pix Oh man, these photos are the best… to laugh at. The reason? Well, lets just say there’s a pretty good chance you might not notice everything in your bathroom… case in point, just look at this chicks picture.

She was trying to be all sexy or whatever, she didn’t realize there was this ‘thing’ in the toilet …and now… this photo is all over the friggin’ internet… everyone’s laughing at this girl.

Need I say more?

5. Use More than one photo In all the tests I’ve done, profiles having more than one photo always get more emails, winks and replies than profiles with just one photo.

In fact, many of the SCAM profiles are easily spotted because they only use a single photo.

6. Have fun Your pictures shouldn’t give anyone the impression you’re mad, angry or just not having fun. Remember you’re trying to attract a woman into your life… who wants to be with someone who’s no fun?

7.  Make your pictures conversation worthy Try using photos that convey stories instead of normal, boring pix. For example, do you have a pet? they’re awesome conversation starters for women.

Did you know nearly every magazine photo has been retouched digitally?

Listen, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so you MUST make it count. One chance. Make the most of it. It amazes me how many guys post unflattering pictures of themselves on these dating sites. Why would you do that?

Well, you wouldn’t.

That’s why you’re reading this right now. 🙂

Look, there are hundreds of thousands of women scouring these online dating sites right now – just looking to meet the right guy. Don’t let all these women pass you by.

Here’s a cool resource I found for you:


It’s a list of 34 online photo editors you can use to fix up your profile photos for free.

Now it’s your turn… What are your best tips for online dating photos?

Leave your comments below.

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9 Comments to 7 Photo Tips That Turn Your Profile Into A Chick Magnet

  1. I have posted many pics in my profile. The problem I’m having is that I have listed my real height 5’6″ and chicks don’t dig short guys. I hear it often.

    Comment by Angelo S — @ 6:52 AM

  2. no webcam pix

    Comment by P — @ 10:11 AM

  3. It works really well to have a picture looking away from camera. I’ve gotten more flirts and messages just from changing this one thing. It creates a bit of mystery.

    also, the hot women are used to be staring at, so it definitely stands out from all the losers gawking at her all day.

    Comment by Trevor C — @ 2:45 PM

  4. P… yeah man… no webcam pix… unless you’re a chick.

    Trevor… you hit the nail on the head man…. create a bit of mystery.

    This is something a LOT of guys can improve with their pix….

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 3:18 PM

  5. Over the years of dating online, I have noted the pictures that women have told me that they like the best and continue to use them with success. Guys, listen to women on your social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace for when they tell you they like a picture. Take that picture and use it on your dating profile.

    Comment by Gregory B — @ 10:07 AM

  6. I’ve found that if you superimpose your face on some recognizable or unusual background (NOT a famous landmark, please!), then you’ll get a lot more hits.

    I did this one thing on on match.com profile photo and got about 5x more views of my profile immediately and ever since (about a month).

    I assume you could make it stand out visually in some way – such as with contrasting color in the search results page, and would have the same effect.

    Hey Dave, how about interviewing some GUI designer, psychologist, or advertising genius who can help us understand the science of grabbing attention, visually?

    These ideas are superficial, sure, but if you don’t get noticed… nobody will ever see your profile; you got to get past stage 1 to get to stage 2.

    Comment by T — @ 9:30 AM

  7. I have a pic holding my newborn niece. I know ladies dig babies. Should I include this one. I don\’t know how it will work will women think this is my kid and they don\’t want that even though somehow I will clarify that it is my niece. Or will they completely go for it. Any thoughts

    Comment by Steve — @ 7:13 AM

  8. What has worked for me is a photo from my shoulders up. My head cocked slightly to the side, my eyebrow raised with a slight grin on my face and a look and caption that reads: “What are you doing??”

    It adds a sense of mystery and playfullness both at the same time… Women eat it up…

    Comment by Lance — @ 4:14 PM

  9. dunno steve… some women might think the baby is yours… so just keep that in mind…

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 4:04 PM

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