From the Okcupid Labs – Check Out This Super Cool App

By Dave M.




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This is AWESOME.

The boys at okcupid just came out with this super cool web based app called MyBestFace that you can use to get WOMEN to rate your photos for you and I thought you’d dig it

You can use it here:

What’s cool is they rate your pictures against each other and you can see which one women find more attractive.

AND… It also tells you what kind of people liked your photos: overachievers, deviants, introverts, Divas, whatever.

This is awesome because you can just take the best photos you get from this okcupid thing, then use them in your profiles to get more women messaging you back and messaging you FIRST.

(no point in guessing anymore right?)

Big thanks to the math and engineering wizards at okcupid for coming up with this cool app (and making it free for us).

Try it out and post your comments below, I’d love to hear how this tool has helped your online dating.

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2 Comments to From the Okcupid Labs – Check Out This Super Cool App

  1. Dave,

    I know this isn’t related to the blog topic, but it’s been a burning questions for me. How do us older guys deal with the age thing? A lot of the best profiles are from women in their mid to late 20’s looking for a guy from late 20’s to mid 30’s. I could easily pass for early 30’s. Before I had found your stuff, I had already set up a profile with my real age on and

    I don’t want age to be a factor as my height already is as they’re deciding. It’s bad enough that i’m 5’7″ though it seems like even the midgets (no offense to midgets) want someone 5’10” or taller.

    Should I set up a new profile and ‘fudge’ the numbers some?

    Thanks Dave!

    Comment by Chuck — @ 11:57 AM

  2. That is pretty’s interesting how women have a better sense of what’s attractive (visually) than guys do.

    All their outfits are designed to highlight their best features, (and hide the worst). Where as most guys just throw on a T-Shirt and jeans…

    Would be cool to see the different types of menswear that attract the most attention from women…

    Comment by Thomas — @ 5:04 PM

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