The Deceptive Online Dating Photo

By Dave M.




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Since I started Insider Internet Dating, lots of guys have written in and told me about horrible experiences meeting women who… umm… didn’t quite look like their pictures.


So, I made you a quick video that explains the “Deceptive photos” some women use in their profiles, and the bigger lesson: how to tell if she’s bigger than you think BEFORE you meet her.

Check it out in the video 🙂

Update: Check out these pictures… and be careful online…

Because reality can be something completely different 🙂

Now its YOUR turn. Leave me a comment below and let me know if you’ve ever met a woman who didn’t look like her pictures

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23 Comments to The Deceptive Online Dating Photo

  1. At least this one has one honest picture, if it is the last one!

    Comment by JayBraveman — @ 1:18 PM

  2. Haha! Sooo true, Dave! We call that the “Myspace Angle” pic. Chicks use it all the time online in attempt to make themselves not look so fat. And I agree that is very, very deceptive. Some girls like thicker girls, so why can’t the girls just be honest about it? They would probably have better first dates if the guy knew before hand!

    Comment by Grover — @ 1:20 PM

  3. haha… good one jay.

    If you guys notice, this deceptive picture is different from the F.G.O.P. (fat girl overhead photo).

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 1:23 PM

  4. There is likely an 80% chance that anyone posting a photo is fat! Plus, if they have big tits, they are likely fat elsewhere!

    Comment by John S — @ 2:13 PM

  5. Haha! I love it! “What the fuck, did she just gain like 50lbs.” Lol well said man.

    Dave – your stuff rocks man! When are you going to put out another CD?

    Take care!


    Comment by Chris — @ 2:40 PM

  6. Yo Dave, Yes, one time in California, I was deceived by a lady that had a friend deliver a photo of herself to me and the friend said that she did not look anything like the photo. Since I had her phone number I thought I might call her and make some excuse to weasel out of a dinner date made earlier by her friend and my buddy who told me that his girlfriend had a friend that had never gone out on a date and if he knew someone who would double date with them and show her a good time with a show and dinner. I called and she asked if I had gotten her photo. Her voice dripped with honey, I thought “what the heck” Guess what? That was not her photo, she was a top model from Newport beach and I needed shades to keep from being blinded by her dazzling beauty.

    Comment by Mel F — @ 5:20 PM

  7. Frikkin Hilarious… 🙂

    Well said man good solid basic info…

    Comment by Matt — @ 6:01 PM

  8. You are right, but anyone here, who didn’t know???
    I always ask directly, if it’s not clear to see. I tell her that I really prefer slim woman. If she’s not, she won’t respond.
    Ah!, why don’t you sell your stuff as a downloadable e-book? I would prefer!

    Comment by Chris — @ 6:45 PM

  9. I always look at all the photos, and I also want to see her describe herself as slender or athletic. Average many times means chubby. I have been more disappointed my women using pictures that are as many as 10 years old.
    I do pretty well on POF and usually get a response about 3 out of 4 times I write. In the last three years I have dated at least 35 different women from POF, Date Hookup or OKCupid. That’s not bad for a 72 year old widower!
    Thanks for the tips you publish

    Comment by ArtFromMargate — @ 6:55 PM

  10. That Latina chick is thick but smoking hot. Come on, at 25yrs old a little chub is only gonna add to the pleasure ride, shes all Lips, boobs & ass and her thighs can put a hurting on your head. Voluptuous girls like that are sturdy and can take an all night 3 love hole porno-style pounding. She still has an hour-glass figure, I dont see a huge gut, and at 5 foot 4 inches a little chub is only a few extra lbs, whereas if she were 5 ft 8in+ a little chub would be about 50Lbs yes. Over all, I get your point, but not the best example chosen. What you really wanna watch out for is girls that post dark or blurry pix, then you can’t even see what shes got, so in the case of miss Latina I can totally see what shes got and I say shes Hot, Phat n Juicy, not fat.

    Comment by Ted — @ 8:43 AM

  11. mel… dont worry, the first girl i met was about 250 lbs. she used her friends pix. Makes for a GREAT story to tell women when you meet them.

    Chris… you gotta read the emails I sent dude 🙂 we are moving IID to a private members site.

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 9:09 AM

  12. hey dave, would you mind if the viewers took a look at YOUR pof profile? what kinda profile gets that many msgs a day?
    lets see what it looks like, and if u use any “deceptive” techniques yourself. thnx

    Comment by nick — @ 4:56 AM

  13. nick, sure i do a video breakdown of it in the Insider Internet Dating course 🙂

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 7:14 AM

  14. dave

    to be honest ive had a lot of these experiences online, in fact i think online dating is nowhere near real life because more often than not the girl you meet is not the one you expected to meet!!

    ive had some absolute stinkers turn up and because of that i dont really use online dating!

    Comment by owen — @ 10:53 AM

  15. Dave,
    Thanks for the caution but realistically I have an unfair advantage over the other guys I am a graphic designer by trade and can usually recognize the trickery and fortunately have not been fooled yet. Keep up the good work very helpful information.
    Thanks Robert

    Comment by Robert — @ 11:15 AM

  16. My general TOB is if there is ANY doubt in your mind (aka you can’t see her whole body in a picture and say “shes a hottie”) then the answer is no.

    Comment by Eric — @ 11:26 AM


    A fine example.

    Comment by Rich — @ 3:02 PM

  18. Hay dave,I don’t relly give a beep.sure is funny tho.
    I like your inside internet dating its cool!(:

    Comment by Jack — @ 1:14 PM

  19. Thanks for that, I had a good laugh, cheered me up this morning!

    Comment by Steven — @ 12:09 AM

  20. I’ve found that even if I say “I’m NOT into FAT girls;”

    I still get pictures of chubby chicks claiming to be AVERAGE.

    If you think about it, FAT really is AVERAGE these days on internet dating sites….

    Obesity is a plague on our society.

    I HATE FAT CHICKS. Fat does not appeal to me.

    I am disgusted by it, but I constantly get hit on by fat chicks who are blind to their on bodies.

    BTW, Good stuff! Thanks!

    Comment by Michael — @ 9:56 AM

  21. Dave What’s the problem no matter what she looks like it is all about what is in her heart, I’ve seen absolutely gorgeous women , be the biggest bitches thieves, controlling behaviors , in short , they are truly ugly inside , even a fat girl with a good heart can be great to talk to or be a friend. I don’t assume the photos are real or reflect what’s in her heart. I want to meet the women behind the profile before investing much time in anything. I believe I can see what’s in her heart through her behavior , so I’ve created dating activities that bring out her behaviors does she follow mu lead well, does she want to run everything and make every decision , this controlling behavior for me is a no go sign, time to cut it short.

    Comment by matthew — @ 1:31 PM

  22. I was on a website for Asian women.. or mail order brides as I call them…

    The Chinese women are the worst for air brushing and photo shop their pics..

    Always ask for a real picture if you get involved with one…

    Comment by Albert Dunker — @ 4:33 PM

  23. @ Rich – haha…. dude… great example.

    @ Albert – guys here aren’t into those mail order sites… with IID you don’t need that crap. 🙂

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 5:35 PM

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