10 KILLER Internet Dating Tips

By Dave M.




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Hey there, Dave here….Here’s a quick post I whipped up with ten tips to help you kick ass with women online.

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1. Which was your favorite tip

2. Add any tips of your own we didn’t cover here that are working in your online dating today

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Successful people are the ones who get involved, and they make up less then 5% of the population, but it’s the same 5% who leave blog post comments, so take action and leave a comment.  🙂


Internet Dating Tip #1 –
Mention Something About Her Profile

One of the easiest ways for women to know you’re sending a form message is by not mentioning anything about her profile. So when you’re emailing her, make sure you mention a thing or 2 about her profile in your initial email.

Women will know when you’re mass mailing out these emails UNLESS you customize each one to them (or use my “cut and paste” messages here I’ve already tested to work)

A few years ago it wasn’t the case, but with more and more men using dating sites and the competition heating up, you gotta stay ahead of the masses if you wanna be successful.

So make sure you tailor each email to her.

It should only take a few more minutes per email so its not that big of a deal but it WILL increase your results vs. not adding anything in. 

Internet Dating Tip #2 –
Add A Call To Action

A big mistake most men make is they leave their emails open ended almost as if they’re waiting for her to make the move (sure sign of a wuss). What I mean by that is most emails guys send have no goal or desired result.

What I’ve learned over the years is that each communication should have a purpose/desired result.

What do you want her to do as a result of reading that email?

I know you want her to respond, so tell her that.  Let her know that if she’s interested you’d like to hear back from her.

You can say something like:

“you seem pretty cool, lets continue this… if you think you can handle it :-)”

Or something similar.

The point is, you need to lead her and tell her what you’d like her to do as a result of reading your email, otherwise you end up in a ping pong match of email after email after email… she’ll assume you’re scared to meet up…  and never end up meeting (isn’t that the point? to meet in person?)

Internet Dating Tip #3 –
Use Spell Check

Oh man… I can’t even believe I’m talking about this one but its worth mentioning because so many men screw this up and make themselves look like complete retards.

Just make sure you have no spelling errors when you’re messaging women online. I mean, I’m not saying you gotta be an english major or anything, but just make sure stuff is spelled correctly.

There’s nothing worse than a woman you want to meet, reading your email and saying to herself, “Wow, this guy can’t spell.”

Doing so totally gives off the wrong impression and puts you behind the 8 ball from the get-go.

It takes 30 seconds to run a spell check in your word processing program (15 minutes if you use Microsoft WORD. LOL)

Internet Dating Tip #4 –
Ask A Female Friend

This is something I’m shocked more men don’t do. Once you’ve gone through and reworked your profile, go ahead and ask a female friend of yours or female coworker you’re friendly with to have a quick look at it and give you her opinion on it.

If you’ve got an odd sense of humor, it might come off as you being VERY weird and might scare off some women, so DON’T try too hard when writing your profile.

Remember, the goal of the profile is to let women know you’re a cool, confident, classy, charismatic guy.

If there’s any big red flags in your profile you need to be aware of that could potentially scare women off, a female friend is likely to spot them before you’ve emailed all the women in your area you wanna meet.

Think of your profile as a brochure. Its a point of reference for women to go back to.

Internet Dating Tip #5 –
“Show & Tell”

This will help a lot of guys very quickly.

One big problem I see men make with their profiles is there’s no consistency between what they write and the photos they show.  For example… lets say your profile talks about you liking adventure, traveling and fishing…. yet your photos show you doing everything else BUT those things.

Well guess what happens? It’s incongruent.

If you say that you’re athletic, then give an example of what types of sports/activities you enjoy.  If you say that you like movies, which ones? State it, then back it up with something a bit more detailed.

Show her something in your photos, then tell her about it in your profile. Works like magic.

Make sure your profile and photos are congruent and match each other.

Internet Dating Tip #6 –
Change Your Photos

Rule # 1 when it comes to your online dating photos is to NEVER EVER have a photo with no shirt on.

Women I talk to tell me it’s very tacky and women typically will laugh at it, regardless of how great your 6 pack abs are.

I always recommend using the photos to show off your lifestyle… just like we talked in the previous tip.  Give women a glimpse of what you’re like, what type of life you lead.

Have a photo in a suit.  Its classy and women always love a man in a suit and tie.

If you’re balding, thats o.k. don’t wear a hat in every picture because women will think thats being deceitful.  They want to see what’s up before they meet you.

Listen, whatever issue you have about your looks/body make it her problem not yours.

You’re a great guy and you need to project that to each and every woman you meet.

Internet Dating Tip #7 –
No Winks (or Free Contacts)

A LOT of guys will send these winks/teases or other free communications these dating sites offer and if yo’ve been reading this blog or on my newsletter for any amount of time, you know this is a HUGE mistake.

It shows that you’ve got no confidence and are waiting for the woman to make the first move. (which tells women you are a WUSS)

Remember that women love confident men and by sending a wink, she knows right away that you lack confidence, which just so happens to be the #1 thing that attracts women.

It’s o.k. if she sends you a wink but sending her a wink isn’t going to work well for you.

Internet Dating Tip #8 –
Get Her Number Already!

There’s absolutely no reason to wait 5+ emails to ask her for her number.

If you’re a reader of this newsletter, you know that I preach getting her number the SECOND time you email her.

It shows that you’re busy, you don’t have time for these ‘online relationships’ and you are able to take CONTROL.

Keep in mind, the longer you wait to ask her for her number, the lower her interest becomes. Remember, she’s also getting 10-50-100 emails a day from other men WHILE she’s emailing you, so you gotta strike while the iron is hot and her interest is high.

Internet Dating Tip #9 –
Humor Is Your Ultimate Weapon

Most guys are so “stiff” when they finally do talk to a women they met online… they’re way too formal.  When you finally do get her on the phone (or in person), make sure you make her feel comfortable. The best way I know how to do this is by using HUMOR.

Remember, she’s probably a bit nervous talking to some random guy that she met on the internet, so your first objective is to make sure she doesn’t think you’re creepy or weird. Most guys do this by committing a serious sin… T.M.I.  (aka verbal diarrhea of the mouth)

Once you’ve done that, your next goal should be to make her laugh…

A lot.

One of the best ways I’ve found to break the ice is to talk about funny experiences that you’ve had while doing internet dating.  If you haven’t been out with anyone yet, you can talk about some funny emails you may have gotten. (we’ve all gotten them)

it’s a great way to break the ice. Use it

Internet Dating Tip #10 –
Have A Plan

Look, it all goes back to this: When it comes to online dating, knowing a little or just enough could be DANGEROUS.  You have to go full throttle or you’ll only get to first base – or strike out altogether.

Listen, what good is getting a woman to respond to your e-mail if you can’t get her phone number?

What good is getting her phone number if you don’t know how to carry on a conversation and get her to agree to go out on a date with you?

What good is getting a date if you don’t know how to create attraction and know how to get physical with her?

You get my drift.

Having a killer profile — but no killer strategies when sending out e-mails or making the first phone call or going on the first date — can lead to incongruence, which equals dating failure.

You gotta know what to do every step of the way.

Alright guys, there ya go.

Now… be sure to leave a comment letting me know…

1. Which was favorite tip AND…
2. Add any tips of your own we didn’t cover here that are working in your online dating today

It’s important to do this so I know what you (my reader) likes AND to show support for this KILLER blog post I put together for you guys.

Let me know what you think and what your favorite tip is…

I look forward to hearing about your success!

And by the way, If you’re serious about meeting women online, then you’ll definitely wanna check out my Insider Internet Dating program by clicking here

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22 Comments to 10 KILLER Internet Dating Tips

  1. hi recently i sent an email out on a dating website and having followed inside dating for the last 6mths i felt it important to tell you what i did.iwent out with friends for a drink on my return i posted a vision of what i wanted in my life, i stated i what to live on the edge and was tired of living an ordinary life i wanted passion excitement and change that night i got 848 emails and the following morning i received another 115 email iam currently working through them ive created a top 25 from their profiles regards j.

    Comment by john studdard — @ 12:23 PM

  2. Hey Dave,

    Great article. I can vouch for the wearing a suit tip as I’ve got one on my profile and it’s lead to a lot more views and replies. Great common sense tips too about mentioning their profile in your reply and also getting a female opinion on your profile. Humour is so difficult to get right on email, so be careful so as to not come across as arrogant and /or mean – and having someone check over your profile can help you do this

    Thank you

    Comment by Marcel — @ 12:45 PM

  3. Hi Dave – Thank you. Always good to get reminders

    Comment by Steve — @ 1:17 PM

  4. I always use tip number one but never thought about using tip number 4 – I will now

    Cheers Dave

    Comment by Jules — @ 2:53 PM

  5. Yeah, I have followed all of those and I never get replies…and the few I do get are ones from what I call “fembots” that send me a copy and paste email that is kinda similar to the ones I send out. It seems like its working and then they send you a link in their reply that directs you to a cam site so you can pay to see their shows. You can never tell who is who they have very detailed and developed profiles which offer a lot for one to mention and talk about.
    All these dating sites advertise for one another so they have”representatives” there brilliantly disguised as members, to direct you to other sites so you wind up paying far out of pocket on the next site just like before while chasing women who don’t exist.

    Comment by Wesley — @ 3:02 PM

  6. Finding something in he picture or profile to ask about. With a funny remark about showing the confusion works well for me.

    Comment by michael — @ 3:45 PM

  7. Dave,

    Thanks for the reminder on the Call To Action – I haven’t always been remembering to lead them forward in the first email. My bad – I’ll sharpen it up.



    Comment by Bob O. — @ 3:59 PM

  8. Come on Dave!

    These look like really common sense and generic information that the majority of non creeper guys with decent social skills would follow on dating sites. I’d figured you’d at least give examples of emails that have gotten responses!

    I’ve personally had several female friends look at my profile and even had it professionally done by an award winning online dating expert. I’ve gotten a few dates but not the consistent stream of dates I was hoping for.

    What I’ve found is that what women say they want online is different from what they are attracted to. I’ve found that most women who say that don’t want to date someone with drama or douchebags are secretly attracted to them. Why would the post that unless those types of dudes secretly find their way into their lives.

    Comment by Sam — @ 10:15 PM

  9. Hey guys thanks for the awesome feedback. I’m stoked to be able to share this stuff with you guys.

    @ Marcel ya chicks dig guys in suits… works really well.

    @ steve thanks dude

    @ wesley what sites are you on man? sounds like you’re making mistake #1, you’re on the wrong dating sites.

    @ bob you’ve got to, otherwise you just end up emailing for a month and never meet.

    @ Sam… appreciate your honesty… but wheres the love?

    There’s a ton of awesome content on the blog and you might be able to find what you’re looking for. If you want more advanced stuff you aren’t finding on the blog, you should get Insider Internet Dating.

    Continued success 🙂

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 8:11 AM

  10. Favorite tip is #1 and #2. Probably 2 being more important. You need to give her instructions on what to do. Women deep down want to be led. Step up and be the leader.

    Comment by Nate — @ 6:56 PM

  11. I liked the tip regarding humor the best. I agree that is always better to include something about an element of their profile or screen name in the communications as this helps to make her feel special.

    I do have a question though, I have had a couple of experiences where I had some success with the messages and I asked them out for coffee and they were like lets just have sex instead. Is that a bit suspicious? Like they are not what they say they are or are married?


    Nate (a different one to the above)

    Comment by NG — @ 11:06 AM

  12. Always good to have reminders
    Will definetly try the dating tip 4 !
    Thinks it’s good to change photos from time to time.
    Also one should connect often on the dating site even if not chatting or what. I’ve seen much more visit if my profil in that case but David already said this somewhere on the (very nice) blog.
    Think I gotta spend some more time on this sites to be part of the 5%…
    What about Instant messaging? At least you can initiate contact ? and go quickly for a number cause many women never answer to mails (they’ve got to much of it) !!!

    Comment by da — @ 2:27 PM

  13. I guess that 8 and 10 are my favourite. As for 1 and 3 as much as these are common sense, it’s amazing how many will overlook these things. I’ve jacked up on the spell check mostly due to the fact that I’m on a temporary browser. My usual one already spell checks as I write which is perfect.

    Yeah the number thing is true as a female’s interest wanes over time. The plan thing for me is the stomper as I have a fear of being successful (sounds stupid I know).

    I’ve been caught out on the humour thing before but c’est la vie.

    Comment by Azul — @ 12:36 AM

  14. LOL @ nate…. tough life bro. 🙂

    @ da … i teach guys to NOT use IM’s… takes too much time, and communicates all the wrong things… emails are way better IMO.

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 10:44 AM

  15. Dave – what do think of women taking their own handheld or webcam photos? This is supposed do be a no-no for guys and I really don\’t like it when women do it – what is your opinion?

    Ok, thanks!

    Comment by Bob — @ 6:04 PM

  16. Awesome reminders Dave. Leading and being confident turns them on so go for it at full throttle guys.

    Comment by denzel — @ 10:56 PM

  17. Hi Dave, If anyone follows your program and doesnt get results then he must live in Sibera on a remote frozen island! haha Its all great and we all need reminders and if you find yourself getting less results, then go back to your program, review, apply and watch the responses multiply and handle the women the way Dave says during your phone conversations,initial meeting and dating. You will have more dates than you know what to do with!But dont be gready and leave some girls for ME! Thom

    Comment by Thom — @ 12:59 PM

  18. #8 is the best tip by far. So many guys are trying to be funny and play around that they forget why they are there in the first place… to meet the girl

    Comment by Randy — @ 12:48 AM

  19. Good article. Practical, sound stuff. Nothing real juicy though.

    I’ve recently have started having lots of success with online dating. I’m having about a date or two a week and I’m broke financially right now. I’m about to get on a few more sites and really start ramping it up once I get a steady job and my own place. In fact, I’ve had to turn a few down and lost them just because I was booked and they we’re hot and ready.
    Anyway, the biggest difference for me has been my patented copy n paste line (which I won’t give out right now). It’s 4 lines, direct, funny, cool and straight to the point. I even might take some of your advice and start customizing it slightly, but I MUST keep it at no more than 4 lines. If you EVER email a chick with more than 4 lines you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. Keep it short with attitude and keep tweaking your profile and pics till you find your sweet spot.
    The American Buddha

    Comment by Amer Buddha — @ 8:25 PM

  20. 10 KILLER Internet Dating Tips…

    One of the easiest ways for women to know you’re sending a form message is by not mentioning anything about her profile. So when you’re emailing her, make sure you mention a thing or 2 about her profile in your initial email….

    Trackback by pligg.com — @ 9:25 PM

  21. Dave I really am going to work on step eight and get her number on the second email. I do such a great job of writing and getting replies but dialog too much and into ping-pong emails mentioned in step two.
    Thanks for the straightening. I have been crooked and without purpose to the end game.
    Change is now.

    Comment by Joel — @ 10:34 AM

  22. Hi everyone,

    Tip 5 I will use & well talking on the phone to women
    is now second nature for me due to the best asset we can
    obtain EXPERIENCE..

    Comment by Ryan — @ 7:00 PM

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