11 Ways To Fix Your Online Dating Profile So It Attracts Women For You

By Dave M.




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Tick, tick…. tick. Thats the sound of the all important 10 seconds which are slipping away.

10 seconds.

The average amount of time someone will read your profile before clicking to the next one.

Take a good long look at your profile – Did you set it up to work in your favor?

  • What does someone see when they first check it out?
  • Does your headline make them stop to take notice?
  • Does your first paragraph pull them in and make her want to read the rest?
  • tick… tick…. tick. remember 10 seconds is all you have.

    If you are having dismal results meeting women online, it’s time to make some changes. And as boring as it sounds, it comes down to your profile.

    If you are sending emails, but NOT getting responses, now’s the time to act… before you become one of the 97% of guys who quit online dating due to lack of results.

    Here are the eleven essentials that will turn your online dating profile from stiff as a board boring into an effective woman getting machine that attracts women FOR you:

    1. Are you engaging women on a personal level? Write like you talk, make your profile read the way you’d talk to a friend. If your profile doesn’t sound like you and isn’t personal, or sounds too ‘stiff’, it isn’t going to get women to respond because you’re going to blend into the last 634 profiles she’s just read.

    Most men do what I call the “laundry list” and just list all the things they’re interested in. I like… I … I … I…

    Say it with me… B-O-R-I-N-G.

    Remember your profile MUST stand out. The easiest way is to engage a woman by writing like you speak, asking questions, involving her in what she’s reading.

    2. Can women identify with your headline? Your headline is the first thing to grab a woman’s attention in your profile, if your headline doesn’t capture their attention, then the chances of her reading your profile drop significantly. A good tip is to use funny lines from your favorite movies.

    3. K.I.S.S. Always use the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) when writing your profile. Don’t get lost using big words to try to impress a woman. This isn’t the time to impress, write for the average woman out there. The last thing you wanna do is bore the living crap out of her by trying some slick overdone fancy shmancy vocabulary.

    4. Are you using stories to illustrate a point? One of the most powerful tools in your arsenal is the ability to tell stories. If you read a book , watch TV or go to the movies guess what you’re watching/reading?

    A story.

    Saying you’re ‘into’ something in your profile doesn’t give a woman anything to go by. In sales we had a saying “Facts tell — but stories sell.” And it’s so true with writing your profile. Tell a brief story about what you’re interested in. Communicate using mental pictures, its much more powerful than just listing the ‘laundry list’ of facts.

    Then follow up with photos that match what you’re saying in your profile for maximum effect. This combination is very powerful and don’t be surprised when women email you asking you questions about it, or bring it up on the phone or when you meet.

    5. Use CAPS in certain points in the profile. If you want to grab a womans attention online you’ll have much better success when you understand how people read using the computer.

    Fact is people online don’t tend to read… they skim and SCAN, so using caps strategically in your profile gives a woman something to catch her eye and read.  This can help more women read your profile that otherwise would have just glanced and clicked off to the next one.

    6. Write in your own voice. This is a problem for a lotta guys, simply because most of us aren’t great writers (hey – yours truly nearly flunked english class on several occassions) and as a result most men resort to the good ol’ ‘cut and paste’ job and frankenstein something together from 10 other places.  The problem is it doesn’t come off sounding like YOU.

    There is a time and place to be formal… and this isn’t one of them. You’re writing your dating profile to get women to respond to it, of course the TYPE of woman you’re looking for will determine how you write your profile.

    7. How long are your paragraphs? If your paragraphs are longer than 2-4 lines, break them up. Studies show long paragraphs are too hard on the eyes. People tend to read in bite sized chunks. They help communicate faster. This is just something small that can help make your profile more readable… unfortunately, its not gonna make a girl go nuts over you.

    8. Watch out for cliche’s. If you’re thinking of using an old DYD line in your profile you should know that its probably on about 8,984 OTHER guys profiles as well.

    9. Shorten it. Try shortening your profile by removing anything which isn’t absolutely vital. The saying less is more definately helps in this department… I say this because most men do this thing called OVERSELLING… AKA TMI (too much information) basically overdoing it and this kills any chances you have with a woman online.

    One of the biggest, and most powerful tools you have in your seduction arsenal is being mysterious…. if she already knows everything about you, what else is there to discover?

    Try leaving incomplete thoughts creating an air of mystery about you.

    10. Be specific. Saying you’re into sports is ok, saying you’re into fishing is better, but being more specific is the best way…. you can say you enjoy going on your boat each week to fish for tuna 5 miles out with a group of friends… you guys have lunch on the boat, some great music and great fishing.

    The more specific you are, the better.

    11. Change your profile pix. I put this one last because hey, its the most obvious.

    When you’ve got new pix its almost like you’re a new person on the site… women who previously passed you by, MIGHT be more tempted to message you…. or reply.  The trick is when you’re changing your profile pictures, don’t use the same TYPE of photo… try using something different.

    (And no, this photo to the right is NOT what I’m talking about when I say use a different type of photo)

    If you incorporate these profile tweaks, you’re bound to beat the clock and begin meeting women online.

    By the way…

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    1. Hi Dave i just want to let you know you’re doing a great job, i really do appreciate it. I would like you to add me as your on Facebook. I’m ‘Abdulski Man’. Tanx

      Comment by Abdulski — @ 9:38 AM

    2. Excellant ideas , thanx for sharing .

      Comment by J a m e s — @ 11:58 AM

    3. Thanks for sharing this dating tips!

      Comment by Jeremy Stark — @ 12:54 AM

    4. The shorten your paragraphs is a great and simple tip to implement. Already changed mine

      Comment by Harry B — @ 8:46 PM

    5. Hi Dave

      What’s DYD? Cliche!

      Otherwise good stuff.

      Comment by john — @ 2:11 AM

    6. Some great stuff.
      The writing like yourself, in a conversational tone, took me a few tries. Hard for me but effective

      Comment by Harry B — @ 10:09 AM

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