5 Things You Can Do to Project Higher Status to Women

By Dave M.




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couplecandy#1 EYE CONTACT

We all know how important eye contact is, but I’ve found that its also a great INDIRECT way of showing you have a higher status than a woman.

Remember: if she sees you as having a higher status, she will instantly be more attracted and interested in you.

So look at her eyes when she’s talking or you are. Direct eye contact shows high status, lack of it, shows low status.

You can also look away at some points and not look back at her while she’s talking. This is a GREAT way to show indirectly that she isn’t interesting enough and you have a higher status.


Sit closer to her, talk louder, invade her space a bit. It’s a bit of an uncomfortable feeling but when you do it to a woman (within reason and at the right time) you give off this sense of ‘Hey, I’m totally comfortable with the situation and I’m in control here.’

Naturally that shows you have a higher status than her.

She starts to become intrigued and you know from what I teach that one of my core ideas is this:

Mystery = intrigue, intirgue = interest


Never walk with your head down. It doesn’t matter how much of a dork you feel, what happened in your day, always, always walk with your head up. Remember you have something no other guy can give ANY other woman.



Arrange things so that your head is HIGHER than your partners. Stand when she sits, when she leans forward, you sit up straight.

The subtle point here is that your head always seems to be higher than hers, so you must have a higher value than her.


Doing this literally compels her to listen to what you’re going to say but it essentially puts her on hold while you gather your thoughts.

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