A Mental Trick That Stops You From Chasing Women Pt 1

By Dave M.




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internetdating-sunglasses-swimsuitThis is a MUST read.

You’ll discover a HUGE INSIGHT into female psychology, and one step you can take to instantly start getting more women interested in you NOW…without meeting more women than you are now or really doing anything.

This works because women can’t help but want to “qualify” themselves to you when you use it.

It automatically flips the “desire to prove” switch in their brains.

Use this wisely 🙂

Did you know a 350 pound woman has a MUCH more powerful “effect” teaching you how to create attraction than that 5’5 playboy playmate you’ve always dreamed about?

And **YES** you read that right. Take one out each night and the 350 pound woman teach you more… every time.

How can this be? she’s very unattractive… she’s extremely overweight…. she makes you sick to your stomach.

And thats partly why she works so well. Let me debunk the myths.

Next time, I’m going to tell you about something so CRITICAL to your success meeting women online that if mastered, will give you an unfair advantage over 99.99% of every other guy online.

I’m not kidding.

Not one bit.

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