A Mental Trick That Stops You From Chasing Women Pt 2

By Dave M.




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internedatdatingtips-brunette-redwimwearIf you believe the perfect email template and having a killer profile alone will gain you victory in this game, you’re probably dangerously out of the loop.

In fact, all your time spent emailing women, setting up that perfect profile will do you no good if you’re missing the key element I’m going to explain in this newsletter, and which you will learn in the Insider Internet Dating training course.

You see, what’s more important in meeting women online is what’s going on in your head — and how you convey that in your words, your physical movements, and your attitude towards women. look at the message you send to the world by the way you carry yourself.

Here’s what usually happens:

You start emailing back and forth with a girl you met online. Once she responds, thats when the “self inflicted” damage begins.

Almost immediately you start thinking all sorts of things about her… how hot she is, how funny she is, how she “fits” with what you want… etc.

Here’s the thing you have to keep in mind… you haven’t even met this woman yet!

So what happens?

You’ve already elevated this woman on a “pedestal” BEFORE you’ve even spoken to her on the phone and because of that you’ve given her a lot of value before she earned it.

Quick question: Who’s chasing after who?

The women know this, they can tell.

And here’s something else for you to think about.

If a woman puts you in that same category as every other guy they’ve met, you’d better prepare for a complete arsenal of ‘tests’ of their own they plan on using on you.

But how do you get around this? One word: “Devaluation.” I’ll share it with you in a moment.

But first, let me give you a perfect “real world” example.

I recently received a letter from a reader, Bill C. saying:


I thought I would ask your opinion on how to answer this question from a woman – it is real, word for word.

This message came through eHarmony. I wouldn’t even bother to ask you for your help, but this woman is very hot-looking (rare on eHarmony), lives nearby, and is 39.

I happen to be 54, divorced for 2 years after a 29 year marriage, very successful in my business life, can travel the world.

1. how would you answer the question – I generally try to follow your advice and David DeAngelo C&F – but this?

2. do you have any input on using the eHarmony matching system? any advice? I try to use humor in my answers

Thank you

Bill C.

The Woman’s Email:

Hi Robert,

So here we go with the email portion of this journey. I’d like to know a bit more about you. Have you ever been married, if so how long? What caused the break up and how long have you been out of the relationship? Do you have kids? What is different about you and what you want in a relationship since your break up? What did you learn? What are you looking for in a partner today?

I’m divorced going on 10 years now, no kids. I was with my ex-husband for 13 years, six of them in marriage. We grew apart and went our separate ways. I’m very independent and can take care of myself, so I’m looking for someone to share my life. I love to dance, read, garden and socialize.

I’m high energy and need a man that can keep up with me, who knows how to play and have fun.

Take care,



Bill, first off congratulations on getting a response from someone you were interested in.

Amazing, isn’t it?

You used Insider Internet dating. It worked to help you get the type of woman you wanted. 🙂

Unfortunately, most guys will jump the gun, and do what Bill’s doing and starting to think too far ahead in advance.


At this point, she’s interested, or rather INTRIGUED.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Let’s dig into Bill’s email because there’s a LOT of “hidden lessons” you can learn from.

Tragically, Bill has already given a lot of his power away and might be chasing her BEFORE he’s even met this woman.

Lets dive in deeper into Bill’s email…

The next line is where Bill starts giving her value and he’s unsure about what to do. Perhaps Bill thinks he’ll blow it with this woman?


He’s too concerned with “blowing it” with her that he won’t be able to just relax and be himself.

If your daily “internal dialog” is telling you that you

need to be careful of making the right moves because you’re afraid you’ll blow it…

Then the subconscious gestures and verbal and non-verbal messages you send will reflect that.

The key then is to change that internal dialog to a positive one that lets you truly feel you are the prize and she should pursue you.

I hope that point just hit you like a sledge-hammer to the face.

Next, I’m going to share a very powerful concept with you, it’s called “devaluation”.

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