A Mental Trick That Stops You From Chasing Women Pt 4

By Dave M.




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internet-dating-tips-postcoitalcoupleWhenever I’d go to meet a woman from the internet, I’d always imagine that the woman was 350 pounds and REALLY hairy… just like the “encounter” I had.

And I’d keep thinking this up UNTIL I’d meet them in person.

I know, I know, it’s a funny mental picture.

Oh, and cut a brother some slack. Everyone gets fooled now and then. 🙂 With every interaction I PLAYFULLY tease them about it, how they’re not really that attractive and those aren’t really their pictures.

They stole them from some soap opera magazine or something.
They sit on the couch all day with their laptops eating bonbons.

I keep it fun.

It’s light, fun and it makes them laugh. When you do this with a PLAYFUL intent, women aren’t sure if you’re serious but they are compelled to prove you wrong.

My advice to Bill is to stick with the Insider Internet Dating System and use the “2nd email technique” to get her phone number.

This woman is asking a lot of questions, which means she’s intrigued. Knowing this you are able to use this to your advantage to get the phone number and move things offline.

Remember this formula: Mystery = Intrigue = Interest.

If you answer everything in detail like she wants then you loose that intrigue. You don’t want to do that through emails, or even the phone because that leaves you nothing to talk about in person.

Answer her questions, not all of them, maybe 1 or2 of them and keep them short.
Don’t make the mistake of writing a book. As a busy guy you don’t have time to send these long emails anymore.

Since you used Insider Internet Dating and haven’t given her value like 99% of the other guys have, you have given yourself a HUGE head-start over your competition.

She’ll start to chase after you and will start trying to “prove” herself to you.

Until you meet her, she’s just another email and face. Nothing more.

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