Busted – The Worst Online Dating Site Scams

By Dave M.




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Hey Dave here,

I hope you’re doing awesome and that your online dating or social life is blowing up.

With thousands of dating sites to chose from, the competition between dating sites to get new customers is fierce. So fierce, some sites resort to some pretty lame (and underhanded) tactics to get you to part with your money.

Does this sound familiar?

You just signed up for [INSERT DATING SITE HERE] about 2 weeks ago and so far have received 2 mail messages, both from pretty attractive women and they both contained very similar messages.

Both talked about how they had their heart broken recently and how all they care about now is a sense of humor and looks don’t matter, etc.

You probably replied back, and  you haven’t heard from either in a week.

How frustrating is this?

Or how about this one…

You get 3 women who check out your profile the moment you post it every time.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone… there’s a prety good chance you’re dealing with FAKE dating profiles.

You think I’m exaggerating, don’t you?

Did you know that some dating websites are known to be FULL of these fake profiles? Yup, you think theres a lotta hot chicks on the site, you pay your membership and boom… none of the girls reply… you’re wondering WTF is going on here.

Here’s what’s up:

I was surfing the web the other day and found a request made on a site called Elance.com, which provides outsourcing services for freelancers:

“Need 500 unique dating profiles included. English must be readable and understandable. Include age, interests, and what your looking for in a date.3-8 sentences. Sample profile included.”


Here’s that sample profile:

“Looking for a casual date or a new friend to hang out with from time to time. Cuban female 22/5?6/ Cute ..wait… very cute. Im serious about meeting for some drinks or a date guys. Dont wanna make my ad long so email me and I’ll tell you a bit more about my self. If your looking for dating please dont be gay or married! Or married and gay LOL!!”

This Site Got Busted Pretty Good

A company called Jetplace was ordered (by a judge) to own up to adding fake profiles to dating site redhotpie.

Get this:

1. The site owner added 1371 fake profiles
2. Fake members messaged real ones
3. Judge ordered to own up, give refunds

And These Scammers Get The
Award For LAMEST Excuse Yet

A company owning a network of dating websites was sued because they defrauded men using fake profiles.

In this case, some of the profiles were created by the sites themselves, and the sites’ employees contacted subscribers posing as the fake (and “often scantily clad”) women.

The best (or lamest) part is their defense: The websites pointed to disclaimer language acknowledging that “some” profiles may be fictitious.

I mean really?

Why the fuck are you gonna sign up to a dating site if they have profiles that are fictitious?  Not because they have a great service that can help you meet chicks, because they are dicks.


Why on earth would a dating site want someone to create 500 fake singles profiles?

Why would a site OWNER add 1371 FAKE profiles?

Maybe to ‘pad’ their site with fake profiles to make it APPEAR like there are a lot more women active on the site than there really are?

Listen, I keep telling you, you gotta “fish” in the right pond.

Anyway, be on the lookout and stick with the sites I recommend so you don’t waste a bunch of moolah and get taken by one of these scammer sites.

pof.com is a great site (and 100% free) and match.com is the biggest paid dating site (lots of women on there).

Right now it’s us vs. them.

Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know if you have any questions about this post or about dating sites in general and I’ll weight in and give you my two cents on how to make sure you’re on the right sites and not getting scammed  :)

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34 Comments to Busted – The Worst Online Dating Site Scams

  1. ok i knew all about fake profiles but assumed they were other types of scammers not website owners! that’s cold-blooded dog!

    Comment by TD — @ 11:17 AM

  2. Dave,

    Thanks much for the info! You are the online dating guru, my friend. What NOT to do is as valuable as what works. Keep at it.

    Comment by Cary — @ 11:54 AM

  3. So far seen about 10 sites which send me the same info at the same time from the same profile posted by the SAME person.

    Each of my profiles is a separate logon, so not the same as the Match/Dating Direct overlap btw.

    Given up on the repetition but finding it hard to get rid of Profiles.

    Comment by Jim — @ 12:29 PM

  4. Very true. This is something I always wonder about when signing up for a paid site. Which is why I almost never use paid sites.

    Very annoying.

    Comment by CMBC — @ 1:18 PM

  5. I ev noticed this too when you sign up to a site claiming to be free however after you`ve Registered they tell to upgrade your acount (pay) to read your messages and replyand you end up getting loads messages i ended up send these email to junk in the end.

    Comment by Jamie Sample — @ 2:58 PM

  6. POF may be good if you are in Los Angeles or Noo Yawk or Bahstahn or even Dallas.

    If, however, you are in someplace like Huntspatch AL, POF is worthless. *TRY* to search for matches in Huntspatch. What you get is something like “Not enough matches, widening search to entire state” and you get nothing but 250+ mile one-way distances.

    Comment by John — @ 3:05 PM

  7. I’ve never seen more quality woman, at least in my area, than on Match.com and now have to wonder why I had used other sites and shied away from Match. I have noticed a scam of sorts there, however. Scammers utilize the wink more than legit users. In fact, most every wink I’ve received has been from someone substantially younger, quite attractive, and a preferred age range always older than they, themselves. Oh, and they’re usually well beyond my region. — states away.You click through the next day and the profile from the wink does not exist. Match’s IM service may also be suspect – pretty easy to spot.

    Be careful and use your good sense of judgement.

    Comment by Mark — @ 3:39 PM

  8. Dave you mention match.com as being a legitable and safe site. I joined match.com as a free onlooker and was deluged with winks from 9\’s & 10\’s (according to their photos) All had the same m.o. \"Age, looks, are not important\" Yeah right! But the biggest givaway? Her age? 28. Her age range for a match? 35-80! I sure don\’t think match.com can be accused of all these scams though, as many emails I got invited me to use her personal email address to \"get to know each other better, and to exchange more nice photos\" I can just picture large Nigerian men beavering away at these scams and dreaming up who or what disaster was about to befall these beauties that I could save from disaster by shelling out my hard earned. BTW I did invest in a three month membership because I saw someone that interested me that I was sure was genuine and used some tips that you have given me to contact her and others. Best thing I ever did. Sent emails not winks, used cocky funny and above average, qualified hard because of distance (I live in the country) and I have to say thanks so much, you broke a long drought and lifted my confidence and self esteem by giving me some basic tools to use. If your course could improve on what you give away for nothing, man it is worth every cent. (And no, this is not Dave\’s mother writing this!)

    Comment by Patrick — @ 4:36 PM

  9. Damn!! It seems that lots of dating website are just a bunch of scammers. Why don’t they take your advice to teach guys how to meet women online? Their methods are pretty much the same after all.

    Comment by Florian — @ 11:06 PM

  10. What about sex dating sites? Know of any good ones?

    Comment by Jay — @ 8:16 AM

  11. I think that you all should read the book “A Dark Mystery in the White Mountains: The Unforgettable Story of an Online Encounter.” This book is based on a shocking true story.
    I believe this book can help many people.

    Comment by Kristina — @ 11:06 AM

  12. Hey Dave

    Good for you for exposing the fake sites. Single people have enough to figure out without worrying about whether the dating site they’re using is real or a fraud.

    Comment by Carl — @ 5:07 PM

  13. I agree about the scammer websites having been taken for a ride on many before I found out the truth. I build a profile first to get in, block it to unseen, then I check out the Terms and Conditions. There it will tell whether or not there are ficticious profiles on the site. There they usually say that there are false profiles for entertainment purposes to stimulate conversations and to check on their marketing and also to check for online scammers. I was on AmatuerMatch for one, paid for it, and was inundated by so many profiles…all interesting. Most of the messages implied a hookup or wanted to chat. Found out real quick that I didn’t get anywhere with the ‘supposedly’ women. I came back to the same exact site a year later, and all the same profiles were there, and all the same ones messaged me like they didn’t remember who I was. I was so frustrated I could scream. AffairMatch was another one. Women out of my area by a couple of hundred miles away, and damn if 75% of the messages were the exact same, word for word. I didn’t put up a photo yet and in my profile I put ‘just checking it out first before I put anything more about myself’. You wouldn’t believe how many messages came in, and a good portion had the same exact wording. Check out the Terms and Conditions first, then build a profile, let the messages come in first, see if you can respond to the messages, then if you can read them, great, go for the rest.

    Comment by Robert — @ 2:26 AM

  14. I only trust match.com and blackpeoplemeet.com because those two sites have consistently lead to real numbers, dates and sex. Most of the other sites out there are scams. A few of my buddies have told me they had luck on plentyoffish.com, Facebook and MySpace.

    Comment by Gregory B — @ 10:15 AM

  15. Amateur Match, Untrue, Ashley Madison, are these legit. Am a member of Am for 9 months and NO ONE, zero will even talk about a physical meet to eat or have a drink, they back off when I set a date and want “to get to know you more” or some such crap. Scam? Untrue no commitment, one of two lines twice a month? That is getting to know me? Like hell it is!

    Ashely Madison, I don’t know, it sends me warning bells, is it another site to take my money? or not

    Comment by rodney burke — @ 10:01 AM

  16. Rodney, i guess you just answered your own question… i mean, sure you could be doing things wrong, but not to get even 1 response?

    sounds odd… thats why i usually suggest a couple of sites and stick with em.

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 1:25 PM

  17. Hey Dave,

    First of all, thanks a lot for your advice! I was wondering if you could check out the datingsite I’m on called http://www.langswippen.nl. It’s a Dutch website (I’m from the Netherlands) and I’m wondering if it’s a scam or not.

    Thanks in advance man!

    Comment by Kaj S — @ 6:07 AM

  18. Dave,

    Thanks for all your great stuff. Here’s an idea for a sideline business for you. It would be really helpful if there were a website that tracked and published a list of the scamming sites. It would certainly be worth a small monthly fee to me to be able to distinguish scam from ligit

    Comment by Bill — @ 5:02 PM

  19. Thanks for the tip. I got say there are loads of fake dating and SEX SITES out there. There is one sex adult site here in UK that is pretty fake.

    The same photos,same profiles and women back in 2 years ago and they contacting you for no string sex…poor guys if they join that site.

    Also have noticed that a lot of scams and fake profiles just got one thing in common:-1 photo and they always look the same: gorgeous,hot chicks that looking like a model and the picture background is like studio or photoshot work.

    Comment by Rico — @ 9:14 AM

  20. I joined a site called Qdating. Funnily enough within minutes I had 10s mailing me. Trouble was they were from either tiny villages with populations of under 500 or believe it or not … lived on industrial estates !! The biggest con was however the recurrent billing. Tried to stop it but they banged another payment through Paypal before I could stop it. Paypal did not help at all but as Paypal takes from credit cards there are laws in the UK to stop this type of scam. So money was refunded. Some of the scam sites have bases in countries where local jurisdiction would not apply. i.e. Hong Kong. So read the small print as well.Thats one of the problems with the internet. Anyone can be whoever they want , wherever they want. Stick to the main sites and if you pay , pay by credit card (uk) and then there is protection.

    Comment by Nige — @ 6:03 AM

  21. I notice that everytime my match subscription nears expiration, the number of women who view my profile skyrockets. Then, after I pay for a renewal, very few if any women see my profile

    Comment by steve — @ 11:27 AM

  22. Is “UNTRUE” another scam? I’m telling you a fact here. If I pay “UNTRUE.COM” and it turns out fake, you’ll be reading about it, or seeing it on CNN, I crap you NOT.

    Comment by Gerald Cummings — @ 10:01 AM

  23. I’ll try to make this quick. Joined AM last year/did not pay membership(could not respond to emails ect..)
    Tons of Beautys from too far away wrote me almost everyday.
    Got in a relationship here at home(not from a dating site)
    and stopped checking my messages on AM. Became single again at Halloween this year, and forgot about Am.
    Just last week(X-mas) checked my AM inbox, and whad’yaknow,
    5 or 6 8-10’s, from close proximity to home. So,,,,I paid 1 months membership, responded back to the “close -girls”…
    It’s been a week, and I havn’t got ONE response from them, NOR any new messages from anyone else. I researched the “local” girls that wrote me, and found them, but their locations are totally different than on the profiles in my inbox. Imagine That !!

    Comment by R. Eagle — @ 4:05 PM

  24. one more thing, I think the bottom line is and try to remember, really beautiful women don’t need dating sites… they usually get whoever they want. Also, if it sounds or LOOKS to good to be true, then it is.

    Comment by R. Eagle — @ 4:09 PM

  25. There’s a dating site named CougarLife, who baits free members into ugrading with fake profiles!….I got 11 messages, and 1 flirt before I decided to upgrade my free membership!…..soon as I upgraded and responded to all 11 messages, and the 1 flirt (all of them where from different profiles!) I did not get one reply back….NOT ONE!…..just like a couple of the others who left a comment here, I also got flooded with a bunch of those flirts by girls young enough to be my daughter, soliciting for their webcams!…..I also started getting messages from those 419 Nigerian Scammers!….I didn\’t get no messages from those scammers, or webcam broads until I upgraded the damn membership!…..Ashley Madison, Horny Matches.com are just a few more sites who also tricks free members!…..wish I had done some research before wasting my money!

    Comment by Irving Williams — @ 4:04 AM

  26. Hey Dave,

    Thanks for the insight on the various dating site scammers out there. Of lately, I signed up to “GirlsDateforFree.com” and all I got was a flood of messages from supposed women disguising themselves as users from Canada, United States, and the UK. It turns out when I tested them with a few trick questions. I found out that they all are really from Ghana, Africa. I suppose Ghana must be a hot spot for scammers. Also, I got a number of beautiful women soliciting me about their cam shows as well. There didn’t seem to be any ligit women on there. So I was wondering if you could tell me if that dating site is a scam site? Thanks!

    Comment by JDS — @ 9:15 PM

  27. As recent as a couple of months ago on Match.com and yes I notified them there are indeed many many scammers as your aforementioned users have commented. Latest ploy is to present oneself as a U.S. Military person in the Middle East, away from home, deployed for a long time, widowed, may have a young child with a nanny stateside and looking for a partner to be the mother or father for this young one. Then they go on a “mission” and come across some war loot and need help getting it out of the country. Be careful of those who attempt to divert you to personal email straight away. Do not be discouraged those of you looking for that someone just be DILIGENT and verify the person at the other end. I have to agree there are some scum bags on POF but by far the friendliest site to date, what we don’t do to find the right one for us!

    Comment by Argh, dating — @ 7:45 PM

  28. What’s good D,
    Me I’m one of the many sucka that felt for the trap like a mouse on a 1 way road headed for that cheese n snap tha Money gone(dead mouse) this scammer was pretty smart outta tha other dumb azz this 1 didn’t post up top notch, our favorite fine jerking off porn star females look-a-like but yet a pix just enuff 4a guy just n just to find out whats up. I got a lot of messages paid next thing u no. No replies at all. Just 2 days ago im looking for a one nite stand 4my birthday. I get a female# where sSHE from? NEW YORK where is she at? AFRICAN what does? LOVE($$$) This what I told her…”Back your Shyt up..let’s video chat” (Skype..etc.) what happened? MY QUESTION GOT IGNORED. So GUYS I WANNA SAY THIS ASK FOR VIDEO CHAT ITS THE ONLY NEW WAY TO KNOW SHE REAL.REAL OR NOT A PERSON WILL GET THAT CAM N BACK IT UP

    Comment by yaboii — @ 6:39 AM

  29. A how’s it going talked to this girl and she sent me to this verification site charges a dollar to your credit card and then suppose to give you her info to contact her haven’t signed up yet and was just wondering if you have any information on these verify sites? thanks for all your help. Michael

    Comment by Mike A. — @ 8:53 AM

  30. @Mike

    ya… thats a very COMMON scam online.

    Don’t fall for it.

    If a girl wants to meet you on a dating site, she isn’t going to ask you for money to get her number.

    its bogus.

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 7:18 PM

  31. thanks for the info

    I have also been duped into paying for the upgrade – once you are able to email or chat with some one they may want to move the chat to another instant messing system – Yahoo. ICQ. or what ever – they may have stated that their in someplace in the us – then in the new chat you find out their In Ghana – or they want you to check out there web site or send you to another dating site. – just watch out for those red flags

    Comment by Lonnie — @ 1:54 AM

  32. I recently joined this dating site called ulust.com, they have a lot of women who message but I’m not sure if they are real because they don’t respond. Last week they were messaging me left and right then all of a sudden boom. They don’t answer no more.

    Comment by No — @ 2:10 PM

    Not only do they clue you to faked profiles and messages, they also tell you who owns your pics and profile once its submitted – they all do, except POF as far as I can see. They say they can use some or all of your profile, and/or pic in ads AND post your altered faked ad on another affiliate site AND sell/transfer your profile and pic to anyone else with no restrictions whatsoever on its use by whomever it went to. They say they basically can unilaterally do anything they want with whatever you submit, they own it, you have no rights to know what happened to it or to get it withdrawn/edited.
    So, this means you submit a profile to a nice sweet dating site you like, which has such TOS. The owner of the site has other sites like Sh*tEatenLovers or how about LoveThoseKiddies, ad nauseam – ownership of any other sites is private, you cannot find out. Your face gets used on those sites and in ads emailed out into the internet to solicit ‘customers.’ Your face gets recognized by somebody or by a facial recognition software, and that association gets stuck to you. Insurance companies, legal fodder, cops, employers, ad nauseam.

    Basically, its a legal form of identity theft, legal because you signed up accepting the odious TOS. Virtual identities, with your real face….. Now you know why they all want you to post your pics! That’s the valuable commodity in play here. And the one which is real, YOU.

    Think about it! Sign up for a TOS like that and you won’t know and have no way to know in advance or stop it. Even if its just used as fodder for more faked ads which lure more customers, like many here describe. Yes, the big names’ TOS is like this, except POF as far as I know.

    Comment by Don — @ 2:30 AM

  34. LOL that gave me a laugh and yet so pathetic and true “Need 500 unique dating profiles included. English must be readable and understandable. Include age, interests, and what your looking for in a date.3-8 sentences. Sample profile included.”

    Comment by Jax — @ 12:53 AM

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