C Plus F Equals Higher Status?

By Dave M.




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coupleinwhiteI need to thank David D. for bringing us this technique. I love it personally. Think about this for a second:

You are busting on a woman, teasing her in a playful, fun NOT angry way where most guys would be petrified to do that. By you doing this you show you have a higher status than her.

You can call her cute, brat, punk.

The point is, by you NOT kissing up to her, by not being like most of the other guys you are showing her that you must have a higher status than her. I mean why else would you bust on some hot girl, you MUST have a higher status.


You have a high status, she starts wanting you more.

Not only that, other girls see this and THEY start to want you as well. In otherwards you’re like a target for women. They seem to have a radar lock on you and you’ve got no idea why. I mean you do but you’re shaking your head thinking wow, this actually DOES work.

Question is Why?

Remember when you were in school?

remember when you had no girls, you couldn’t get a date to save your life but when you DID have a girl it seemed like EVERY girl in school had a crush on you.

Remember that?

It’s because when you had the girl you had a higher status!

Funny isn’t it? When you show that you have a higher value, women will go out and take all kinds of risks, risking loosing her value to get your approval.

They start chasing you!

Oh, and looks have absolutely NOTHING to do with this.

The higher value you show, the more women want you and the more women will want you to recognize them and be with them. They’ll try to get you hooked into a relationship before you’re even ready (Don’t let this happen)

Women try to impress you with things, they try to qualify themselves to you (start to pay attention to this in your regular life as well)

Point is, OTHER people start to try hard. you become the chased NOT the chaser.

And when you’re able to use the power of leverage to meet and date a lot of women you get REALLY good at this sort of stuff VERY fast.

For instance:

If it was going to take you say 10 times to get this stuff down and you went out to a bar or club, how long would it take you to get 10 dates?

Well, you’d probably have to get at least 20 numbers to get 10 dates from a bar/club because we ALL know how flaky those women are. 🙂

If you got 1 number a night, 2 nights a week, thats 2 numbers a week.

2 numbers a week divided by 20 = 10 weekends.

Have you gotten 2 numbers a weekend for 10 weekends straight?

I know I haven’t.

Are you WILLING to do what it takes to get 20 numbers in a bar/club?

I didn’t think so.

Let me show you a MUCH easier way.

You send out say 100 emails over a period of 2-3 weeks spending about 2 minutes per email. You get 30 numbers, you set up 20 dates and by the time you’re 1/2 way thru with those 20, you’ll have this stuff down.


Because you have so many dates lined up you don’t care about the outcome of any one. You start to apply these subtle concepts to use and your results keep getting better.

Plus you don’t need to go out to a bar/club and have that PRESSURE of having to pick up a girl that night because you already know you have 20 dates lined up.

Do you think you’d have a different mindset then?

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