How To Flirt & Tease Her Panties Off (Literally)

By Dave M.




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A Guest Post by Maurice Jackson

If you’re wondering what it really takes to flirt with a woman and then get her sexually attracted to you, then keep reading…

Don’t you just hate it when you read an article about dating and it tells you “just flirt with her” or “just tease her”, but then they don’t seem to give you any guidance on how to do it?

I mean, if you knew how to flirt and tease her already, would you need to read the stupid article in the first place?

Hell no!

So let me ask you a question.

Why do you flirt?

The reason why I’m asking you WHY you flirt is because of this: You want to make sure you get ONE result out of the interaction.

What’s the result you want?

To get her SEXUALLY ATTRATED to you so much so that she’ll take her panties off for you.

I see lot of guys who miss this point and end up teasing the woman they are interested into crying or even worse – they don’t tease at all and end up in the FRIEND ZONE.

So let me break down the art of flirting when it comes to seduction for you.

What Your Flirting
NEEDS To Do For You

There are five essential things that your flirting must achieve, (I cover them in great detail here). Otherwise you’re going to end up either pissing her off, come across too strong or just get no response. So to make sure you don’t end up like a loser who TRIES to flirt but fails, make your flirting interaction do these things for you:

1. Test the waters – many guys are totally oblivious to the clues of female attraction that a woman gives off. I admit, I’m used to be pretty blind too. But what I discovered was with the correct usage of flirting you can actually gauge her interest level in you. Instead of wondering “hmm… I wonder how much she likes me”, you use the way your flirt as a tool to measure her interest.

It’s quite simple really. If you flirt with her and she in any way shape or form responds in a positive way (that is she doesn’t reject you and kind of accepts you) then you have a chance!

If you flirt with her and she pretends she doesn’t notice, then you know she’s not interested at all.

2. Build attraction – suffice to say, the purpose of flirting is to get her to like you. If you’re a guy who ends up teasing a woman so much that she takes it personally, then you’re a bad flirt and totally ruining it for the other guys out there.

3. Make her comfortable – a side note to build attraction is the fact that she needs to feel comfortable and safe in your presence. If you flirt with her properly, you’re going to end up giving her the impression that you have known her forever. I mean, think about it, only people she is close with will tease and playfully banter with her. So if you mimic this behavior, she’ll feel as if she knows you more than she actually does.

4. Amplify sexual attraction – when you flirt with a woman you want to make sure that you not only build attraction, but you want to AMPLIFY whatever attraction to has for you. So before you flirt with her she might be slightly interested in you, after you flirt with her she’ll be interested so much that she’ll be wanting to take off her panties.

5. Avoid the friends zone – this is pretty obvious, but if you think your flirting and you still end up in the friends zone then obviously you’re not giving her the right signals during your interaction. If you flirt and tease women correctly, there’s no way you can just end up in the “friends zone”, you might end up in the “friends for now zone” but never the dreaded “friends zone”.

How To Actually Flirt – What To Do

Flirting with women, although sounds easy enough, is actually pretty hard to do correctly. I have outlined seven things that I do myself personality to get insane results. However, using each element by itself the right way will do things to incredibly improve your attractiveness tenfold.

1. Role reversal – a lot of guys are too serious when it comes to flirting with women, so a common question is “how do I become funny and playful?”. There are plenty of men out there who find it difficult to be naturally funny or humorous. So I’m not just going to tell you “be funny”. No, what I’ve found to work wonders when attracting girls is to reverse the roles of the interaction.

Steal her lines and make her the pursuer.

Women are always saying things that make us men look like:
a. A sexual predator
b. Only wanting her for sex
c. Less important than she is

How do women do it?

They say things like:

“I’m not easy you know” or “you got to do more than that to impress me”

That totally blows off our game and makes it hard for a man to recover from a situation like that.

What I have found to be profoundly effective is to just reverse the roles and make her the pursuer. Then constantly accuse her of trying to get me into bed.

Not only does this create a hilarious dynamic naturally, but you’ll never be lost for “funny punch lines” or need to know how to be sarcastic. All you need to do is say something like:

“Are you trying to get me into bed” or “Stop making me think of dirty things, you’re totally corrupted”.

As you can see, once you take on the role of a hot woman and she’s the one that suddenly is trying to get YOU into bed, it’s not only silly but funny. However, at the same time you demonstrate to her that you’re a confident man and that you’re clearly taking this interaction sexually. Nice!

2. Set a theme – human interaction is a funny thing. There are times when it’s not acceptable to do something as “you” but when you claim your actions were not because of your free will (maybe someone forced you or because of some festival or game) then you can suddenly do that thing you always wanted to do, but then get away with it.

For example, girls like to dress up sexy and look damn slutty. But most of the time they do not like to admit it.

BUT… as long as they have an excuse to show off their assets their only too willing to do so.  This explains why women dress like to total whores during Halloween, and that’s why it’s totally awesome.

The Halloween theme suddenly makes it ok for girls to dress up like sex starved skanks and not be judged by others. Perfect huh?

So this is what you can also when you flirt.

Create a scenario where you can say things to her and disguise your thoughts as part of the role play. For example:

“Ok since you’re so helpful, why don’t you become my Personal Assistant. You can help me with daily things like bringing me coffee, as long as you wear a decent length skirt and try not to show too much leg, then it’s ok”.

As you can see, you’re incorporating both a theme into the role play and also a role reversal where you make it out again as if she’s the one trying to seduce you. This works like a charm.

3. Nicknames – by giving her a nickname you create a private world and language that only the two of you would understand. This creates rapport and a sense of comfort with you much more rapidly than referring to her using her name, because this is much more personal.

I like giving girls nicknames like:
a. The grub
b. Dirty chick
c. Pervert girl

Anything that implies she’s dirty. This has a minor sub theme that I can work with and tease her that she’s dirty minded and corrupted and always trying to get into my pants.

4. Be mercilessly playful – To be a good flirt, you have to know how to let loose and have fun. The easiest way to be “fun and entertaining” is to be playful and just tease her. Don’t take anything she has to say seriously and always make what she says as a joke to further mock her for fun. However, there is a caveat. Make sure you are playful when the time is right. If she’s telling you that her mother passed away that is no time to be playful. I think that’s pretty self evident, but I just had to mention it.

5. Sexual innuendo – to sexually charge the interaction and make sure you never end up in the friends zone, what you need to do is imply sex, but then get her to talk about it, then you immediately jump in and accuse her of bringing up the topic of sex and trying to corrupt you. This is sneaky and has never failed to work for me.

This is great because you set little traps for her to fall in and it’s playful and funny for the both of you.

Try this:

You: “can you get out of my mind? You’re making me think of interesting things”

As you can see “interesting things” can be interpreted sexually or non sexually.

Regardless of what she says in response you have laid a trap for her.

Her: *any response*

You: “clearly, you’re soooo corrupted! Get your mind out of the gutter! I’m not going to sleep with you ok?”

As you can see, after that you’re free to talk about sex, but then accuse her of bringing up the topic.

6. Purposely misinterpret what she’s saying – I like this one a lot because it’s just so hilarious for me personally. What you need to do is misinterpret what she says and make it a compliment for yourself. Here’s an example:

Her: “Wow, Cindy is so pretty”

You: “Thanks, but I’m not called Cindy”

This not only shows that you’re supremely confident, it shows her that you’re joking around with her and making you the center of attention. This makes you stand out.

7. Be way too innocent – One more trick I like to use during my conversations with women is act way too innocent. This is another way of being funny and entertaining without needing to pull off jokes. Here’s an example:

Her: “I can’t believe that guy just slept with my friend and dumped her!”

You: ”I wish I knew what that feeling would be like – I’m still a virgin and I blush when I talk to girls, see I’m blushing right now”

Obviously she’s not going to take you seriously when you say “I’m still a virgin” because what you SAY is totally different than what you DO. Your body language and demeanor around her is the playful and fun guy with confidence. Guys like this get laid. Girls know it, so she’s just going to laugh and think you’re joking when you claim you’ve never had sex.

If you apply the 7 principles of being a great tease I just told you about, you’re going to have absolutely no problem getting in the pants of the women you’re after.


Because you’re being a massively attractive, confident guy that makes her laugh each time she talks to you.

What She’ll Feel After
You Flirt With Her

These are the emotions she’s going to feel after being in your presence IF you pull off what I just told you to do:

1. You’re a sexual being – you constantly mention sex, but you don’t talk about having sex with her. So this makes her know that you’re a sexual being, so you’re making sure you don’t end up in the friends zone and you’re much more potentially. In other words, you’re just a sexually confident man who’s not a creepy pervert.

2. You like her but not that much – by accusing her of trying to seduce you, you let her know you like her. BUT you don’t need to say anything supplicating or lame that makes you weak. So you’re implying to her “yeah I like you, but there are other girls around too” by being the alpha male and always flirting with her.

3. You take away her sexual power – let’s face it, hot women have more power over men because we’re afraid that she’s going to use her sexiness against us (in some way shape or form). If you take away her sexual power, by pretending you’re the hot chick and she’s in the position of the pursuer . She’s not going to know how to deal with a man like you because she can’t resort to her normal methods of sexual control over the men around her – because we’re doing it to her!

So what’s the final result?

You become the guy she has no idea how to deal with, you’re funny, sexual and playfully confident. This in turn makes you a chick magnet while you tease and flirt her panties off into bed with you.

How great is that?

Never end up in the friend zone ever again.

Good luck!

By The Way… my normal thing is to use the flirting techniques above and get the digits. Then, I’ll use my phone flirting and “digital” flirting routines that I explain in my Supernatural Seduction System to make sure I close the deal and get the girl I want.

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  1. That was cool.

    Comment by Jonny-X — @ 3:40 PM

  2. Thanks alot Dave and Jack the seven ways are so nice. How do i get to meet them in the internet?

    Comment by Ibra — @ 1:36 AM

  3. your way is good but I must add something. when I meet a good chick
    I say to her; you are cute.
    She retorts; THANKS.
    I come again; but I hope you are not a boring girl cos I only date fun women.

    I dated another 21 yr old university student whom I had to teach all things even climbing the bed and I had to leave her. How are you as a girl.Am very fun. And so on and so on. As a matter of fact, with this push pull approach I have taken so many young girls to bed. THANKS

    Comment by dave of nairobi, kenya — @ 9:53 AM

  4. Looking forward to reading through more. Great blog post. Excellent.

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  5. I think you covered everything you need to know about flirting and I’m amazed how well you wrote it.

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  6. Very cool information. If you have any more suggestions, please let me know what they are!

    Comment by Steve — @ 6:07 PM

  7. Man I did some of this with this gullible girl in the office. Within one hour our lunch hour we talked about her boobs an anal. I normally do the push & pull. But love the reversal of your going to corrupt me. One hell of a pick up angle hommie. Women have been sharing game for years I think that’s why they have an advantage. Things like this post help to even the odds

    Comment by C-lover — @ 5:38 PM

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