How To Flirt With A Girl Online With The Attention Deficit Method

By Dave M.




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Hope you’re doin awesome. Want to learn how to flirt with a girl online?

With content this powerful I wanted to write this special blog post for you that will show you how.

I am constantly relaxing at the beach using dating sites to meet women.

Anyways, I’ve been messin’ around on some of these dating sites lately and had some pretty good success with this strategy accidentally found that I call “The Attention Deficit Method.”

If you wanna learn how to flirt with a girl online, then pay close attention.

Almost all women on these dating sites, love the attention, you know it – I know it. In fact, i’m sure you’ve seen a bunch of girls online who strut around like wannabe models… they LOVE attention from men, and they’re getting more than enough to satisfy their ego.

But not from you. (anymore)

Here’s The First Step

So, to begin with, do a quick search and take all the women you wanna meet this week, and add them to your favorites list – but DO NOT message them. (every important).

Whats going to happen is this: Some of these women are going to wonder why you put them on your list and haven’t messaged them yet. I mean think about it. the girl’s ego is ballooning, because if she’s at least halfway decent looking, she’s been hit on by a platoon of fools and we all know how much women like attention.

(most guys would be messaging them 2-3 times a day begging for a reply).

In fact, many women I’ve talked to have told me it absolutely drives them crazy when a guy they might be interested in doesn’t message them right away. When you do this, right off the bat you’re confusing to her and sending mixed signals, which makes you different than the rest of the guys out there messaging her.

Aha, now we’re talking!

At this point something interesting usually happens… if you don’t message them, SOME of the women on your favorites list are going to either wink at you or message you. (I was getting more winks than messages).

This gives you the perfect opportunity to bust on the girls with some C+F humor to break the ice. Just make sure you’re not coming off angry, most guys use too much cocky and not enough funny, and as a result, especially online, women see it as you’re angry.

Onward. Part two of this method involves you actually messaging the women on your favorites list, the cool thing is because of the “circumstances”, we now have a cool ‘angle’ to use that’ll break the ice really well.

Here’s What To Do Next

After you’ve added women to your favorites list, one of 3 things is gonna happen… She’s either going to wink at you, send you a message or not send you a message.

If she messages you, then just continue using the IID email system, templates and move to the next step.  Here’s what to send in the other 2 situations:

If they Wink: Thanks… are you shy? lol 🙂

If you don’t get a message: I’m not sure about you… you seem kinda shy. lol 🙂

You’ll notice these emails are short.


Just humor me and give it a shot. I guarantee you’ll get responses.

Now obviously she knows she’s not shy and you know she’s not shy, but calling a girl shy is kinda like calling a guy unathletic… no guy wants to be seen as unathletic, just like no girl wants to be seen as shy.

She gets 20-100 emails PER DAY, EVERY DAY from guys using all kinds of lines, trying too hard and not being real.

Instead of being the just another guy who’s trying to get something from her, you’re percieved as a guy who ‘gets it’ rather than some guy looking to pickup.

From there, you’ll start conversations with women online and I’m pretty sure you can figure out the rest. 🙂

This has worked really well for me and my friends lately and I’m pretty sure it’ll work well for you too. (I’m not a psychic obviously)

And stuff like this that’s worked for lots of other people will probably work for you too …if you put in the effort.

See …that’s the key word there.


See, with a lil’ “effort”, you can do anything you want.

Add in a little “determination” and you’re damn near unstoppable.

Now get out there and take what’s yours and let me know how you’re doing with this. Leave me updates in the comments below.

By the way, if you haven’t taken the opportunity to watch my free presentation loaded with my most effective internet dating seduction tactics. These are easy-to-learn and work like crazy., then click here, take a few minutes and watch it now.

You definitely need to see this.

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18 Comments to How To Flirt With A Girl Online With The Attention Deficit Method

  1. This method is golden. Women will definitely respond to this.

    Comment by Gregory B — @ 3:13 PM

  2. alrighty lets try this out. easy enough to test anyway. i must admit im a bit skeptical, just that i’m having trouble believing when tens of people are favouriting her every day that she’s going to care about the one person who didn’t message her – i would guess she’s not even aware of who didn’t message. also do these girls check who favourited them every day? either way trying it out right now!

    Comment by Dan — @ 11:24 PM

  3. Sounds like a pretty good technique as long as your profile is good. With social networking so popular, I’d like to try to start creating my own “communities” of girls based on different topics like modeling, acting, fashion, swimwear etc…

    That way you attract way hotter girls than what you typically find on avg dating sites…Like a powerful blend of marketing, social networking and dating…

    Comment by Thomas — @ 1:54 AM

  4. You assuming that Gregory or you tested this already?

    Comment by Psymon — @ 3:28 AM

  5. This anticipation will kill them. Instead of chasing after them right away like everyone else, you wait and make them wait. That’s why this tactic works so well. Can’t wait for more tips from you.

    Comment by Alex — @ 5:30 AM

  6. guys… just stop being so damn skeptical and cynical… just try it and see what happens.

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 7:02 AM

  7. Solid gold. Been using this method for years. Works like a charm. You HAVE to stand out from the rest of the people throwing her ‘winks’,’luvs’ & cheesy lines at her all day and night. Thanks for posting.

    Comment by Gene — @ 6:10 PM

  8. Hello Dave,

    Thank you so very much for allowing me the opportunity to learn your fantastic online techniques! I think your methods are absolutely FANTASTIC! I was married
    for 26 years, on March 31, 2011,my divorce was final, and when I signed up for a profile, I realized that I need help.

    Dave, I really need your guidance, cause right now I have no clue how to attract women online, but I truly believe with the methods your going to teach me, I will achieve communication with beautiful women, and I am anxious to learn your material. Once again, thank you so much for the opportunity to learn from the MASTER!

    Best Regards,

    Comment by Ricard Manigoe — @ 6:25 PM

  9. thanks dave,

    really good advice here. although i dont know

    what the ID system is of responding to women to

    have emailed you ??

    Comment by miguel — @ 9:17 PM

  10. Any ideas on the subject line?

    Very cool idea – psychologically it makes a lot of sense. I tried this out with all kinds of women and it works very well with the 0-7s. However I haven’t had any success with the 8’s, 9s and 10s. Hah – story of my life! Still a good approach that can def. work for people.

    Comment by Privet — @ 9:02 AM

  11. I went on right away and send a message to the closest woman in my zip code.
    subject line I put : Im not sure about you
    and then in body I said: you seem kind of shy.

    she responded in 15 minutes. Saying: well, Im not!

    haha this is awesome. I went ahead forward to set up a date for wednesday at local starbucks for 20 minutes. either way. Im sort of new to the game. but all these things work. if you do them. they might not work one time or the other, but on average they will work and do wonders. Dave M you rock! thanks

    Comment by ed — @ 4:06 PM

  12. glad you guys are enjoying it. just take the info and USE IT.

    most guys dont get results because they’re so skeptical and cynical, and THAT is the reason they never get where they wanna be.

    Oh and dont forget to post your results with this 🙂

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 6:47 AM

  13. I will give this a try on POF and report back.
    I am curious I am 56 and am dating 40-45. These are
    almost always divorces. I looked a Dave’s profile
    on Match and it seems worded more for the 30 year olds
    (of course). Are there some important changes to be
    made in the profile and messages to deal with the
    way that the more mature womem think?

    Oh and I sent one woman on match the:
    “I don’t know about you, you sound like a nice girl
    but have a naughty look on your face, i don’t know
    if i should stay or run. lol :-)”

    I got a one word response: “Run.”
    Not sure how to take that. So I sent back:
    “Run because you are too naughty or too nice?”

    Comment by JVH — @ 10:28 AM

  14. Dave, how long should we wait before sending a message if we haven’t gotten anything from her yet?

    Comment by CH — @ 6:29 PM

  15. I want to say this is absolutely dead on staight forward working!!! I have tried it and with in the last 2 days I got atleast 5 responses to this. Might I add that one is an actuall model! No jokes! PS I am not the best looking guy but this girl litterly without me even asking her gave me her digits. Dave you rock man!

    Comment by Johan — @ 2:55 AM

  16. Damn right it works.:-)

    haha nice one johan… tough life man.

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 1:18 PM

  17. Oh S*it man, the second i read this i tried it on instant msging. Damn the two women responded to me right away. The same two who ignored my msgs the week earlier. I felt like a million bucks when this trick worked. You guys ROCK !!

    Comment by cool_man — @ 11:06 PM

  18. Good article! But dont know how far helpful. If To start following all those tips it will become more puzzled. The only thing which works with scammers is not sending them money! For any reason. Btw I and seems like they fights these scammers badly,for half a year of staying there I didn’t meet anyone.

    Comment by Gregory — @ 7:30 AM

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