How to Overcome a Common Internet Dating Test Women Use Part Three

By Dave M.




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Most guys don’t have the CONFIDENCE in what they’re doing so….

They give the woman their IM screen name thinking they’re going to get somewhere with the woman.

What they don’t realize is they are now STUCK because they’re doing what the woman wants and she knows she’s RUNNING THE SHOW.

And after telling her your whole life story via IM over the course of 84 1 hour chats, she knows everything about you, there is no more mystery and as a result she won’t meet you.

It happens all the time.

You turned internet dating which is supposed to be a time saver, into a time waster.

If a girl is not even willing to give you her phone number it’s because one of a few things:

1. She’s not really THAT interested
2. She’s not a flexible woman…. she’s too structured. (i.e. rules)
3. She’s testing you

If she’s not really that interested in you do you REALLY want her?

Probably not. But this is something most guys struggle with. They act like the woman they are talking to is the last woman in the world, so much so they place SO MUCH value on her, she INSTANTLY knows she has the upper hand and you’re chasing after her.

Keep in mind there are MILLIONS of single, attractive and available women out there, who are LOOKING for a guy like you. Why worry about any one in particular?

If she’s not flexible, then why would you want her? Odds are she’s not really that much fun.

Back to that example.

What I did was not give her any way out.  Essentially I gave her 2 choices:

1. Talk on the phone
2. NOT to talk on the phone.

And guess what? Either way I win.

Unlike most guys, I don’t do is place too much value on meeting one particular woman.  If I meet her, great…. if not? thats great too. Adopting this mindset takes time, it’s a new habit which takes time to internalize.

This is the mindset you should start applying daily.

By doing this it allows you to focus on the process rather than focus on any individual woman and get all caught up in her, and as a result you are able to learn the skills needed to meet women online.

One thing I always tell guys is there are ALWAYS other woman to meet, so never get hung up on any one particular woman… especially if you haven’t met her yet.

From now on if a woman wants to chat online, you can tell her you either don’t have the time or the programs to chat and let her offer the next step. This is a simple way to overcome this common test women use, and more often than not don’t be surprised if she offers you her number.


When you do call her, she’s going to be VERY interested in talking to you because she knows you’re NOT some wuss. You were tested and overcame it. You conveyed confidence which is the #1 thing which attracts women.

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