How to Overcome a Common Internet Dating Test Women Use Part Two

By Dave M.




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Women will try to test you to see who’s in control.

My thinking is that most women that are REALLY interested in you are NOT going to put up much resistance to giving your their number.

They just give it to you and it’s not a big deal.

Other women test you by wanting to chat vs. talking on the phone, which is fast becoming one of the most common tests women throw out at guys online and guess what?

Most guys fall flat on their faces and fail this one miserably.

Its something you might be having issues dealing with RIGHT NOW and not knowing exactly how to overcome it.

Fear not, because I’m going to show you a REAL email exchange I recently had with a woman on one of the dating sites.

But more importantly than that, you get to SEE EXACTLY how I dealt with it and overcame it.

Seeing is believing.

This woman is pretty attractive, and seemed to have her act together. She replied to my initial email, then I sent her the standard SECOND email I use and asked for the number.


HER: Dave, Let’s chat first ok? How can we chat?

ME: Sorry, I dont have any IM’s… they make you unproductive.  🙂 Not sure what to tell ya.

HER: ok. You won. xxx-xxx-xxxx Christine

This is a REAL email exchange and as you see I went from her testing me to her giving in merely by adding in 1 line into my response instead of giving her my IM screen name.

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