Internet Dating – 2 hours: 15 messages – 10 women Part 2

By Dave M.




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OK – let me address this point by point:

1. He’d be doing even BETTER if he went through

his own Insider Internet Dating program.

But he’s getting women already, so we’ll cut him some


2. Notice that he says women are starting to get upset

with him because he doesn’t have time to talk to them

all as a result.

Poor guy.

3. What Gavin fails to realize (I think) …is

the “snowball effect” that Insider Internet

Dating tends to create.

My guess is he’ll do even BETTER than he thinks

because a few months from now, he’ll have more

women he can date and score with.




Haven’t you figured out that women online don’t

seem to make any sense when it comes to dating?

What’s up with that?

I’m sure you’ve been in a situation where you see

a girl online you really like and you did everything

“right”, but for some strange reason she just never

responded to you, and if she did, things never went


I can remember when I used to write all these things

in my profile I THOUGHT women would want to hear

and you can guess what happened.

They would not respond to my emails, or if they did,

they’d just be nice and thank me for emailing them,

but they never felt any attraction for me.

That “spark” was just never there.

The more I tried to get a woman to like me, the less

she would.

Why wouldn’t a woman chose to like a guy like me

when I was such a nice guy?

Was it my looks? Or the fact I didn’t make a lot of

money? Was it because I didn’t have a nice car?

So whats going on here?

Why is it when you’re overly nice to a woman in

the beginning, it just makes them become less

and less interested?

Why is it that guys who are a bit of a “jerk”, who

tease women, who give them crap about things,

bust on them and act suspicious of them score

like rockstars?

That is the question I spent YEARS trying to figure


Attraction is a response to a stimulus.

Women respond with attraction when they are

stimulated in the right way.

Got it?

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Maybe a little *TOO*


OK, there is one other thing I want to mention to

you right now. I want to give you one of my true

keys to success…

Modeling other successful people.

I truly believe that success leaves clues, and if you

find a truly successful person, there is much to be

learned by observing that person’s habits, traits,

and techniques.

Want to find out EXACTLY how how an average guy

like me got 398 dates with attractive women using

online dating sites?

You gotta go here.


Dave M.

P.S. Once you see this, you’ll agree that this is the easiest way in the world

to meet women.

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