Internet Dating – 2 hours: 15 messages – 10 women

By Dave M.




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I just got this email from a student in the UK who used

Insider Internet Dating:



I had my profile for 2 years on a website and changed

my profile regually but still got nothing. After months of

effort i would always have to be the first to say a hello,

when i didn’t get a straight out “chat request denied”.

I watched my mate’s IID course (just the profile section)

and thought “Yeah right!” it was too basic to work.

I tried one of the techniques you teach. (the site has

instant messaging) and within 2 hours of only changing

my profile i had 15 messages from 10 different women!

4 of them were 9 years younger than me.

Once i had sorted the HB’s out, I had six I liked. out of

these six I got 3 phone numbers, and get this, 1 of them

wants to hook up straight away!

The others, we have regular online chats where I try out

new tips from your newsletters lol.

All this from just changing my profile.

Seeing the power of my new “super” profile i’m using it

on other dating sites and I’m only focusing on emails,

because I can’t handle all the IM’s on the other site.

I have also noticed the girls get annoyed if don’t have

time for them lol. when I have 6 convo’s going at a time

it’s hard to get back to them all 🙂

I will be finding out what the rest of IID offers VERY soon.

I feel I need to repay you for this powerful information. It

took two hours for my dating life to change.

thank you. thank you.

I can’t wait to find out how to properly structure emails. I

admit it’s a bit of a leap of faith to trust a voice on a PC

but well worth the effort.

thanking everyone behind this product

Gavin, U.K.


Next in Part Two: I address these issues point by point.

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