Internet Dating and The 5 Main Reasons Why Women Don’t Respond to Your Emails

By Dave M.




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1. She’s already be overwhelmed with emails by the time you emailed her.

2. She’s already met someone.

3. She’s not into the whole internet thing.

4. You acted like a dumb ass

5. She’s not interested.

Who knows? Don’t take it personally, after all, it’s just an email.

MOST GUYS CAUSE REJECTION by what they’re doing. They aren’t paying attention, or they’re doing things that are offensive.

If you just avoid a few major mistakes, learn how to start conversations with women online, and do a few simple things RIGHT, you’ll all but totally avoid “rejection” from the women you email.

If a woman isn’t interested in you, forget about it.

It doesn’t matter.

Go to the next one. There are plenty.

The way to fix this is to focus on the “process” of getting a response, instead of getting ‘ONE-ITIS’ and wonder why that one woman didn’t respond.

If you do this – you’re toast.

Now let me be up front with you.

Even using what I’m about to share with you some women will not respond. But then again, you already realize It’s foolish to think every woman will reply to your emails.

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