Internet Dating and the Recon Profile – Part Four

By Dave M.




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I want you to pay attention to a few things…

* Pay attention to the volume of emails you get per day
* Pay attention to the type of emails – what the guys put in them
* Pay attention to the age range of the guys emailing

You’ll be shocked at what you end up reading.

Here’s What One Of My Subscribers Said After Setting Up A Recon Profile:

ÒHi Dave,

Great interview! Really looking forward to your product
release. I have done what you suggested and created a
‘Recon’ profile with a picture of a really hot girl, and in
the last 2-3 days I have received over 120 emails to the
email address I created for the profile. I don’t know if
you want to publish this email, but if you do, I just
wanted to confirm for everyone what you’re saying. I am
absolutely amazed at what guys will send to girls! Let’s
see what I’ve got out of (at the time of this email) 123

– 1 marriage proposal

– 15-20 guys tripping over themselves with compliments
on the girl’s beauty

– 2 emails with poems

– 70+ resume-style emails detailing job and history
of cities of residence

– At least 5 guys have emailed more than once pleading
for a chance

– One guy asked ‘Am I your type?’

– One guy described sexually explicit acts he planned
on performing on her

– ONE guy was slightly cocky and didn’t give away any
(well, much) of his power, although he didn’t really
have much funny to go with it

I suppose every girl is different but out of all of those
emails, I imagine if I were a girl there’d only be 2-3 of
those emails that I’d actually want to contact. Just
thought you’d be interested to hear the results.Ó


Are you starting to see the power that you’ll possess after knowing this?

By doing the ‘Recon Profile’ you’ll  have a virtually unlimited amount of ammo to use in your emails as you bust on the emails you ‘think’ she might be getting from other guys.

Women will think you’re a mind reader!

Imagine how powerful it would be when you send a woman an email describing to her the types of emails she ‘Might’ be getting. She’ll be shocked you know what’s up and you’ll immediately be seen as different than the ‘other’ guys.

You’ll just be sitting there with a smile on your face from ear to ear because you set up this ‘Recon’ profile and already know what she’s dealing with.

Remember, It’s all about the recon.

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