Internet Dating and the Recon Profile – Part Three

By Dave M.




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Here’s how to set up a Recon Profile:

Step 1: Do a search and find the type of woman you’re  interested in Ð make sure she lives in ANOTHER state.
(So no one will recognize her)

Step 2: Copy her profile and photos and create a brand new profile using her information and photos.

IMPORTANT NOTE: So that the rest of us know you’ve got a ‘recon profile’ up, at the end of the profile use this:  <*>  This way if anyone sees it, we’ll know it’s a fake profile 🙂

Step 3: Have all the emails sent to a hotmail/yahoo type email
account. You’re going to be shocked at the volume of emails
you’ll be getting so don’t use your own email address.  Trust

Step 4: Sit back and watch the madness.

And Don’t Forget…

If you’re interested in 22 year old women then it would be dumb if you used a photo of a 45 year old woman. Sure you’ll get responses but they’re not targeted towards your market.

Why? Because a 22 year old is looking for different things than a 45 year old and they’re interests are different.

You’re not going to show the same profile if you’re trying to date a 40 year old woman vs. a 20 year old woman.  They’re different ‘target markets’.

Remember to match your profile to your market. M2M

The reason I’m telling you to set up a ‘Recon profile’ is  because you really need to see what the type of woman you’re interested in is dealing with, on a daily basis so you know what to do and more importantly what NOT to do.

This is a simple way to increase your results meeting women online. It’s simple, fast, fun and free, and I’m certain when you read the emails sent, you’ll notice a lot of similar patterns and mistakes.

Are you with me?

The solution is to setup a ‘Recon’ profile. What you’re doing with the recon profile is setting up ‘bait’ for every guy in your area to email, and odds are they’ll take it.

Then you’ll see what your competition is sending her. But more important you see what you should NOT be doing!

Next, a few things to pay attention to…

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