Internet Dating and the Recon Profile – Part Two

By Dave M.




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How Can You Find Out More ‘Intel’ About The Type Of  Woman You’re Interested In?

Great question.  Before I get to the answer, I’m going to introduce a new concept to you which will help you get better results when gathering intel.

It’s called M2M.

It stands for MESSAGE 2 MARKET and it simply means matching your message to your market.

For instance… If you’re promoting a hip hop album, you don’t promote it at a polo match.  It’s the wrong market. You’d promote it to people who listen to hip hop.

Make sense?

Introducing: “The Recon Profile”

I came up with this idea about 4 years ago when I first started on my quest to master internet dating. It’s worked every time and consistently provides me with very valuable insights into what guys are doing wrong, and what women are dealing with.

The Recon Profile  is very simple… and it won’t cost you a dime.

Next, the steps to setting up the Recon Profile.

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