Internet Dating and the Woman’s Skirt Profile Formula

By Dave M.




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Just like a woman’s skirt, your profile should be revealing, not too much, but just enough to stimulate the person looking at it.

If a woman’s skirt is too short, you’ll look, but you won’t really be interested in anything other than 1 thing. If it’s too long, then odds are you’re not really going to look.

My point is in your profile you want to convey a sense of what your life is like.

Remember this is the first time the woman reading it has seen anything about you, so you want to give her a feel for what YOU and your lifestyle are like.

Never talk about negative things about your life or about yourself. Focus only on the positives, but don’t go into too much detail, this is where most guys mess up big time.


Some of you guys are going to think I’m absolutely nuts for saying this but trust me, this WILL work.

One of the best exercises I’ve found to help me write my own profile is going through other guys profiles which live in my area.

I know I know, it’s not something you want anyone catching you doing so make sure no one’s around, but when you’re able to see what the rest of the guys have on their  profiles, and you start to see the patterns of just how boring they are, you’ll immediately know if your current profile needs a quick ‘tune up’.

Remember this: one of the best ways to learn what TO do, is by learning what NOT to do, and a great way to learn what not to do, is to see what most guys are doing and to do the OPPOSITE.

This way you’re able to take the best ‘gems’ from each guys profile that fit with your personality, integrate them within your own profile, while getting rid of all the ‘extra’ stuff you’ve written about which reveals too much.

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