Internet Dating and What Your Profile Has In Common with a Woman’s Skirt

By Dave M.




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One of the biggest challenges guys have with online dating centers around their profiles, and thats why I’m going to share some very effective profile writing tips with you today.

Why are some guys profiles sleek and captivating – while you’ve tried everything imaginable and still feel like your profile isn’t all that great?

I’ve got good news for you…

First off, take a DEEP breath because your profile is NOT even the most important piece of the online dating puzzle! It’s actually the 3rd most important piece behind the initial email, and then your photos.

There’s a formula I want you to remember, and you might have heard me talk about it before… I’ll tell it to you until I’m blue in the face:

Mystery = Intrigue, Intrigue = Interest

Pretty simple right?

So what the heck does this have to do with your profile?


I’ve noticed a KEY difference between the profiles of guys that have a lot of success meeting women online and the profiles of guys that aren’t getting ANY results online.

The guys that aren’t successful usually spill their guts and let a woman know TOO much too soon, often called T.M.I. or too much information.

Their profiles are revealing TOO MUCH!

Quite simply your profile should be mysterious, causing a woman to be intrigued and wanting to know more… the more she’s intrigued, the more interested she becomes.

This is all taking place WITHOUT you having to email a woman or speak a word to her. What’s happening is you’re using a psychological trigger to activate a woman’s internal ‘attract’ mechanism.

This internal ‘attract’ mechanism is hardwired into every single woman’s brain and it’s been there since the beginning of time.

I can hear you already saying:

‘So, Dave what does my profile have in common with a woman’s skirt?’

I’ll have the answer for you, next.

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