Internet Dating – Don’t Make These Mistakes on a First Date – Part Three

By Dave M.




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Did you figure out what my friend did wrong from reading his email to me?

#1.  He let her pick the spot.  BIG MISTAKE.  He knows it too because he mentioned something about me not getting on him. (He’s learning LOL)

Women need the guy to take control.

#2. He’s got a great setting it seems like which is good the only issue I have with what happened there, is that he stayed in the same place TOO long.  things tend to get stale.

#3. I told him before hand that one of the most important things  is that he makes her laugh… a lot.  From what he says, it looks like he did a great job there.

He was able to connect with her and make her feel not only comfortable but also made her have a great time.

#4. He walked her home.  He didn’t mention whether or not they were holding hands (thats a great time to make the move) or what was going on there…. but face it, if a girl lets you walk her home, odds are she’s REALLY interested in you.

#5. This is where he REALLY messes things up BIG TIME.  remember we talked about guys being direct and women being indirect.

He shows his true intentions here by telling her how he feels. (Why did he do this? I want to smack him) and then he tries to make plans with her in a round about way….

Translation: he’s trying too hard.

NEVER make this mistake on a first date. EVER.

Why did he feel the need to start blabbing? I have no idea. Its one area that most guys REALLY mess things up on.

#6. If that wasn’t enough he then sends her an SMS the NEXT DAY! C’mon dude.  You need to make her WONDER about you.

You need to create INTRIGUE and he did none of that, so odds are he’s on shaky ground. If she had other options she might be tempted to go with them and not him.

Remember this formula for EVERYTHING… for your profile for your emails and for your dates:

Mystery = Intrigue
Intrigue = Interest

Simple. If you can add that mystery to your profile, emails and to your dates odds are you’re going to get a MASSIVE boost in your results.

#7. Notice the little thing he said at the end.  She’s hot as hell but she had a lot of makeup on (He NEVER says a woman is hot as hell so she must have been even hotter in person than in the pictures).

He said he kept thinking that if she spent hours preparing for this date then she must really be into him.

THAT is an amazing distinction.  That is a mindset that you can take and use for yourself when you do meet these women for the first time.

No matter how hot she was and how nervous it made him feel he noticed that one thing and it put him at ease.

Great stuff.

Its important to understand what goes on when you break things down into steps.  Then you can see where you did things right and where you did things wrong.

The goal is to NOT do the wrong things and to keep doing the right things. See, you can do everything right and that one little moment you mess up on and then POOF…

Game over.

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