Internet Dating – Don’t Make These Mistakes on a First Date Part Two

By Dave M.




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internetdating34915374Last time we were talking about Internet dating, and mistakes you shouldn’t make when you finally meet a girl you met online, on your offline date. Our case study was a friend of mine, and he’s given me permission to tell you what happened.

So he meets this girl online in Sweden and, well heres his email to me:

“So I finally went on the date last night. We met at
a square then she picked a place were we went for
a drink. We went to her part  of town so don’t rant
on me for not picking the spot myself..

Anyway since it was a monday the place was completely
empty except for an older couple in the restaurant
so we sat a candle lit table in the corner. I’m not a
romantic but I could not have asked for a more
perfect setting.

As for the conversation, I made her laugh more than
once or twice, and not those fake cute laughs but she
was cracking up. The were some pauses too but not
long enough to become awkward. I could tell she was
a little nervous and so was I of course, not sure how
well I hid it. She is well traveled and we like the same
music so we had plenty of stuff to talk about.

It must have gone well because we were there until
they told us to leave because they were closing. About
two and a half hours I think.

I then walked her home, and I hate this part of the
date when you say goodbye because I always linger
longer than I should.

Anyway I tried to be confident about it, told her I
had a great time and that I will go out with her again.
You know in the c + F tone like I AM going out with
you again, this I have decided and you have no say
in it. Not sure if that was the right thing to say? Gave
her a hug said goodbye then walked away.

Today I texted her saying I signed the contract for
my apartment and  that I will need some guidance
in the new neighborhood. She wrote me back saying
she will volunteer as my personal guide this summer.

It’s probably hard to draw any conclusions just yet
but I would like to think I did well and that I kept
from screwing up. Hopefully I can stay clear of the
friends zone too.

She is hot as hell. The problems I had was that she
had way to much makeup on, but that helped me
relax because I kept thinking that if she spent hours
preparing for this date she must really be into me.

Next, lets dissect what he did right and what he did wrong.

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