Internet Dating – My first 3some

By Dave M.




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Today I want to show you something cool.

I just got a great email from another successful Insider Internet Dating student.

The reason I’ve put this one the blog for you is twofold… First, I’m proud of Rob. Wouldn’t you be? The guy used my stuff and now is living life like a friggin’ rock star having 3somes and shit.

Second, so you’ll be able to see someone other than ME having good success online by using my strategies. (c’mon, like you need any more proof this shit works  – if you need more convincing look up click the ‘real results’ link and see for yourself).

Plus its a pretty damn good story if I must say so myself.


Subject: LR – My first 3some!!

Dave, I am a 44 year old bald slightly overweight professional guy. My looks are usually rated 7-8 out of 10 when I post my picture on online rating sites. I am extremely funny and quick witted. I have pretty much always been a semi-natural, especially in the early stages (approaching, building rapport/comfort, C&F, # closes) and, except during my 2 marriages, always have had MLTR’s, even when in high school.

I have been dating a beautiful exotic looking HB9 since January of this year. I met her on a well known online dating service. She is 32 yr. old, 5’6”, 105 lb., size 2 with 34C breasts, former feature exotic dancer. She is very intelligent, friendly, and loves sex more than I do. We have had sex every time we have gotten together, including our first date. She has always been in monogamous exclusive relationships, and has wanted the same with me all along.

Until 3 years ago, I was married for 18 years. Because of that, my longstanding preference for having MLTR’s and other reasons, I have made it clear to her that I am unwilling to become monogamous or exclusive with her.

She admits that THAT UNWILLINGNESS INCREASES HER ATTRACTION TOWARD ME AND MAKES HER WORK HARDER TO TRY TO PLEASE ME. In fact, about two months ago, I broke it off with her because she was becoming too needy and possessive. A month ago, I agreed to see her again, only if she would “Play by my rules” and she came back.

She is bisexual, and before our recent break in the relationship, we started talking about having threesomes. That discussion resumed when we started dating again. While she hasn’t done it for a few years, she loves having sex with beautiful hot women. Whenever we go out in public, hot women are always checking her out.

I PU’d my primary the same way I do about 80% of my PU these days – online. I have accounts on and yahoo personals and meet a lot of women through I have a standard approach message that I use, after searching for good prospects. I add or change a line here or there in it, but 90% of the message is the same for all of them.

I admit to getting David M.’s Insider Internet Dating program, and adapting his stuff to my style as he teaches.

I tell the HB how I was my grade school pencil fighting champ and how I spend my spare time honing my parallel parking skills.

I tell them that I love Spongebob Squarepants, that I sit around in my boxers, swear too much, burp a lot, put too much emphasis on the physical aspects of a relationship, and like most men, pout when I don’t get my way. Usually works pretty well.

I follow up with more C&F, etc., but try to move pretty quickly to phone contact and meeting face to face. I use a lot of ambiguous sexual overtones in my communication, too.

Some women are still cautious about meeting guys that they met online, so I have to play it by ear. If a woman is dragging her feet too much, I just let her know that I wasn’t looking for a pen pal.

One thing about the online stuff is this: The HB can’t hear your voice tone or see your body language or facial expressions behind your writing, so “negging” and C&F has to be done very carefully.

If you “neg” a HB in a message, read it to yourself first and try to imagine how she would take it if she doesn’t realize you’re joking.

Sometimes I add the “LOL” or even parenthetically write something like “written with a smirk and a glint in the eye, so the reader recognizes that this is just a joke”. I have made the mistake of over-negging online, and that is a very hard situation to recover from, esp. if you don’t want to come across as an AFC.

The online thing has worked great for me. Earlier this year I dated a former Playboy Playmate of the Year who used to be on Baywatch, that I met on yahoo personals. I have become close friends with a major former Vivid Video star who I am working on turning into a FB right now. (If I wrote her name here, you would know who she was.)

I met another HB9.5 former exotic dancer about 6 weeks ago online. She’s not returning my calls any more right now, but we fucked all 3 times we went out. As I write this, I have about 5-10 women, all HB8 or better, in various stages of online communication.

I still do live approaches, mixing between day game and clubs/bars. I probably prefer day game, as the women don’t have their guard up as much. I like to joke and banter back and forth, and sometimes that’s a little harder in a loud crowded club.

Anyways, a couple of months ago, she started a myspace account. (I have had one for about 1½ yr.) A few weeks ago, she met a cute, sexy, friendly 29 yr old who lives about 1½ hours away at the beach, who lists herself as “Bisexual”.

They have been messaging back and forth and becoming friends and talked about getting together to meet and just hang out. Last week they exchanged numbers and started talking on the phone. None of their discussion has been overtly sexual, or even flirtatious – just two cool chicks getting to know each other.

My girl, HBDancer, suggested that she go down to meet her new friend. Later, she added that she will probably be bringing a friend with her, too. They made plans to meet up this past Friday. They were both excited to get together, everything was cool.

Friday afternoon, HBDancer arrives at my place. She carries in three big aluminum trays of homemade Italian food she cooked that afternoon for me and put them in the fridge.

I finish folding my laundry and tell her to come into my laundry room. I close the door and turn off the light and start making out with her. After a minute or two, she drops to her knees and gives me a fantastic BJ. (Giving head to me is, by far, HER favorite sexual activity. Without me even touching her, she comes every time she blows me.) She then fixes me a plate of her food and calls her chick.

We then make the drive down to the beach, bullshitting, and listening to Dane Cook and cool music on my iPod. Her chick meets us at a landmark near her house and has us follow her home. They are both really excited to finally meet face to face.

This girl is a solid HB7.5. She is about 5’6”, dirty blonde, about 140 lb., very pretty face, absolutely fantastic breasts in her little spaghetti strap top, and has a very sexy quality about her.

If she (HBBeach, I’ll call her) lost 20-25 lb. she would be a solid 9. She is already half drunk, very bubbly upbeat personality, and oozing of sexiness. HBDancer and I look at each other and we both have big smiles on our face.

She has a platonic male roommate, who just got dumped by his GF earlier in the day, and one of his guy friends is in from out of town, too. Both of the other guys are about 30, really cool guys, more drunk than HBBeach, and AFC’s. We could tell from the get-go that these guys were not going to interfere with our plan.

The five of us head out to this hole in the wall bar about 10 minutes away. The two girls and I sit at a table in the back corner. We are cutting up and joking and laughing, and all vibing with each other.

After about an hour, we learn that her roommate got pissed off at the bartender, since they wouldn’t serve him alcohol, because he left his ID back at home. He left and had started walking back home.

I insisted that we leave and find him out on the road, and drive him back home. We find him about ½ mile down the road and take him home. On the way, he decides he is going to go to bed, while the rest of us decide we’ll go back out after we drop him off.

At the house, I stay out in the front yard and bullshit with the guy from out of town, figuring I’d let the girls have some time to themselves inside to bond a bit more. After about 30 minutes, we get back into my SUV.

HBDancer suggests we find a gay bar to go to. She and I sometimes go to gay bars – she just loves gay bars. She likes to dance at them, and we have tried to find some bisexual chicks at them, without much luck so far.

As an aside, from this I have learned that gay male bars may be the best place to game straight chicks. Nearly every one I have been to are very cool clubs (layout, lighting, décor, etc.) and have tons of very hot straight women. They go with their gay guy friends to hang out and dance. The guys give zero resistance to approaching the HB’s that are with them, and the HB’s don’t have their defenses up like they would at a straight club. Plus a straight guy has almost no competition for them there. The place we ended up at was no exception.

The out of town guy is kind of freaked out by the whole thing and just plants himself in the corner and chugs beers the whole time we’re there. The girls and I hit the dance floor. We are all dancing together, eventually with me sandwiched between them.

HBDancer moves away, and I keep dancing with HBBeach.

I gradually start getting right up against her and grinding her and stuff. All the time I am doing this so that she can see that HBDancer is cool with it and that I am not trying to do anything behind HBDancer’s back. Once she sees that, she gets into it, too, rubbing her ass all over my cock, etc. Sometimes I dance with her, sometimes with HBDancer, sometimes with both.

After about 1 ½ hour, the bar closes and we head back to HBBeach’s place. As soon as we arrive, out of town guy goes to bed (Awesome). HBDancer sits next to me on one couch, and HBBeach is on the couch facing us. HBDancer makes out with me a little and starts rubbing my cock, while HBBeach smokes a cig and eats a snack.

Throughout the night, they have been complementing each other on each other’s appearance, so after she finishes her cig and snack, I say to HBBeach, “HBDancer is really hot, isn’t she?” She says, “Oh, hell yes!”

HBDancer says “You’re bisexual, right, because I am?” She gives the same answer. HBDancer then asks HBBeach if she can kiss her. HBBeach looks at me and says, “She is SO cool.”

HBBeach sits on the other side of HBDancer and they start making out. They are both REALLY getting into it, moaning and shit – IT WAS SO HOT.

After a minute or two, HBDancer slides down from in between us and kind of hands her over to me to kiss. Awesome kisser.

HBDancer kneels in front of me and opens my pants and starts blowing me. I am sitting there kissing HBBeach, squeezing her ass inside her pants or her amazing breasts with my left hand, while HBDancer is blowing me, and I am squeezing her magnificent breasts with my right hand. That was a true Polaroid moment.

HBDancer then tells HBBeach to trade places with, that it’s cool with her. So they do. Then HBDancer says she wants to share, so they are both blowing me. (Where’s a camcorder when you need one?) At this point, we decide to move to the bedroom, so one of the guys doesn’t come out to the living room and catch us.

As soon as we walk in the bedroom, HBDancer and I immediately strip and get on the bed, while HBBeach goes in her bathroom. HBDancer tells me she wants me to eat her out, which I do. By the time she comes, HBBeach gets out of the bathroom, and HBDancer tells her, “You need to let him eat you out, he’s the best” (Good girl!) I go down on her and she is very wet. I nibble and lick her clit and rub her G spot, while HBDancer is giving me head. She comes pretty quickly, too.

HBDancer tells HBBeach that she wants HBBeach to eat her out, while I fuck HBBeach. It’s just a little double bed, so it’s a little crowded. After a while, they switch places.

HBDancer has to piss so she goes to the bathroom, so I lay on my back and HBBeach blows me some more. For the first time in the night, while she’s blowing me, I tell her that I think she’s pretty, she has amazing breasts, and that I think she is very sexy.

I would never pick her over HBDancer, but I did want to acknowledge what I thought about her looks. (Usually I talk dirty a lot during sex, but being a little nervous, and trying to make sure neither girl was getting neglected made me talk a lot less than I usually do.) When HBDancer gets back out of the bathroom, I ask her to suck me, and after a few more minutes I come in her mouth, with HBBeach cheering us on.

We all lay down on the bed, me with one girl on each side. We catch our breath, joke around, laugh, and decide that we should get together again some time soon. At the beginning of the night, HBBeach told us we could crash at her place, but HBDancer and I decide we’d rather sleep in my king bed and sleep in if we want. We get dressed and arrive at my place in daylight at 6:30 AM and finally really crash. HBDancer and I get a few hours of sleep here and there, and have sex a couple of more times on Saturday.

HBBeach left a comment on HBDancer’s myspace page on Saturday that said “Hey Sweetie!!!! Had a great time last night!!! Definitely need to hook up again!!!! Keep in touch!!” and under one of her pictures there “TONS OF FUN GIRL!!!!” HBBeach has no way of contacting me, except through HBDancer, and doesn’t even know that I am on myspace.

On the ride back to my place, to ease her mind, I promised HBDancer that I won’t hook up with HBBeach alone, if HBDancer and I were still seeing each other, or even try to make contact with her on my own.

I plan to keep that promise. Maybe some guys here would disagree with me, but I feel like going behind HBDancer’s back with a girl that she hooked us up with would bring bad karma for me. HBDancer knows that I see other women, but she also knows that I refuse to discuss any details about them with her, or about her to them.

HBDancer is already trying to find more women and trying to figure out the next time we can go to the beach together. In retrospect, I was kind of amazed at how easily and naturally the whole thing went down (So to speak).



Btw – Rob isn’t a “Pick Up Artist”.

He’s just a regular ‘normal’ guy who wanted to add a little spice and romance into his life.

I guess you can say he’s glad he got IID 🙂

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7 Comments to Internet Dating – My first 3some

  1. That shit is a total fabrication.

    No one would write in such a detailed letter…

    You make me laugh Dave

    Comment by Paul — @ 12:38 AM

  2. Bullshit Paul! “Field Reports” are made all the time this detailed. Maybe you should check out some of the pick up forums.

    Comment by Steve — @ 10:18 AM

  3. Wow, I thought nobody used myspace anymore. This guy must be in a different part of the country than I am!

    Comment by CH — @ 11:53 AM

  4. Paul, its called a field report… we’ve been doin them in the PUA community for years.

    Funny cause this story is just one of probably a few hundred that my clients have sent in…

    instead of tryin to learn something, which is the whole point, you’re being “the cynic”. Hmmm….

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 1:37 PM

  5. So I sent this 1st message out that Dave said would get tons of responses on one of the popular dating sites:
    “looks like we have the same problem” and it worked like gold! But now every girl wants to know “WHAT” the problem is… Who knows what message to send NEXT?????????

    Comment by Sam — @ 9:28 AM

  6. Dave M….Your comment is cool………Ok its funny enough.

    Comment by Jack — @ 12:33 PM

  7. totally agree. WHAT THE PROBLEM IS??

    gotta have an answer or this shit is useless. anyone got a clue???

    Comment by navydevils — @ 3:16 PM

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