Internet Dating – She Says Yes. Now What?

By Dave M.




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Ok, so you’ve joined the online personals sites, sent out the emails, gotten a response, gotten her phone number and set up a date.

What next?

If you’re starting to feel a little worried, you should be.

Even though you’ve gotten over the biggest hurdle of meeting women online, the next step, the actual date and anything beyond that is crucial to the continued success of a potential relationship.

The good news is, the face to face part of online dating doesn’t require rocket science to go smoothly.

All you need are the right tools.

For example, did you know that there is one thing you should NEVER, ever, ever do when you’re on a date? (If you know this, you’ll be able to get second date…)

I also know a subtle “system to gauge her attraction and interest level” while you’re out with her and how using it will actually help you get physical with her… quick.

And speaking of getting physical, holding her hand is the 1st step… but most guys are too aggressive and screw this step up… I’ll teach you a very ‘subtle’ way to hold her hand, one that takes all the pressure off you.

There’s a also a way to get a woman you meet online to feel comfortable enough to have you over to her place the first time you meet.

To make things go even better, I can even teach you how to dial up sexual tension over the phone so half of your seduction work is done BEFORE you even meet her (And don’t be surprised if SHE tries to kiss you FIRST when you do this).

After over three years of testing this stuff out on myself, I cut through the b.s. and tell you how to avoid the common mistakes which cause most guys to fail miserably meeting women online – and how to use my Insider Internet Dating formula to help you successfully date the women you meet online!

You won’t get rehashed, recycled or regurgitated online dating techniques that everyone has proliferated on the web. What you will get are ingenious, innovative and effective tactics that most people – not even famous dating gurus – know about.

I’ll teach you the exact steps I personally use to go from online to OFFLINE — plus specific directions that ensure you are happier, more confident and more in control of ANY situation you find yourself in with the women you meet online.

My scientifically proven system, Insider Internet Dating is a risk free way to make dramatic improvements in your dating life today—the fastest and easiest way to successfully win the internet dating game.

Want proof? Check out Insider Internet Dating today.

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