Internet Dating Success Stories: 26 responses in my first week

By Dave M.




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Here’s a story from a guy who has taken some of

the techniques he learned in my Insider Internet

Dating program and used them to attract women…

I think you’re going to enjoy it.

Read this…


“Hey Dave,

I found out about you through David Deangelo’s

advanced dating techniques. I bought your program

after hearing about it.

I have been messing with online dating sites for 2

years. I had only managed to get two dates in that time


One showed up to my house and she was huge.

I was trying for 6 months at that point. I was really

disappointed. I am not one to give up though.

So I kept trying… I met the next woman, and she was

great! Jackpot, I thought. I blew it though, I didn’t know

how to keep her attracted.

I had her interest, slept with her, but it all ended

because I didn’t have control of the situation.

Since then I have been almost a year without a date.

Now the great part! I got your program last week. Since

then, I have sent out 40 emails, 26 have responded.

I went 2 years and only got about 10 emails total. As

you can see though, I never gave up!

Well anyway back to the results. I have a date tomorrow,

I got a hot girls number 10 minutes after I emailed her,

and a few more on the way!

Thanks for everything!”

– James


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