Internet Dating Success Story: 4 numbers in the first week

By Dave M.




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You know, at the end of a long work week it’s always

good to hear about how some of my clients are doing.

In fact, I spend most of every Friday doing just that.

Check this out;

“I never thought it was this easy, I’ve had the program

for a week now, I’ve ALREADY gotten 4 phone numbers.”


Before I got Insider Internet Dating I would just fire off

random things to girls hoping to get responses. I’d try

anything, jokes, you name it. When I did get responses,

I didn’t really know where to go with it.

I’d eventually end up on MSN or some kind of IM program

with her talking for HOURS, but not really getting anywhere.

I find it kind of amusing that these girls want you on msn/icq/

whatever but then aren’t talkative AT ALL.

I’m a great conversationalist and I use lots of different

tactics to get people to talk. Which does well in person,

in M’ing not so much.

I mostly got LOLs and it was more one sided.

Anyway, I came across Insider Internet Dating from

listening to the DYD interviews. After I listened to that

I thought to myself I had better get the program fast.

Once I got it, I pulled up my various dating sites, listened

along with the 1st email, listened to Dave talk about whats

important in it, examples etc than wrote my own.

I fired it off to as many as I felt like that night.

Low and behold I got GREAT responses. The girls were

thrilled to hear from me <shocked>. Even complimenting

me and a few hinting about us “ever meeting up” and how

great it’d be.

Usually even in their first response sending me their msn

email, which before the program I would of jumped on msn

and talked for hours with her.

I then loaded up the IID program for his tips ideas on 2nd

email, listened/viewed and wrote my own 2nd response

to her. I totally ignored her want of IM. not falling for that

trap. I sent off a 2nd email according to the IID program.

A few days later, another great email response and a

phone number.

I never thought it was this easy, I’ve had the program for

a week now, I’ve gotten 4 phone numbers, 1 of the 4 put

up a lil fuss why I wanted it.

I again, loaded up Insider Internet Dating, listened to the

section of not giving the #, fired off a response.

I think Insider Internet Dating is great, it allows you to be

creative yourself, using guide lines <not just cutting and

pasting what he wrote> and getting great results.

Thanks Dave!”

Tony M.

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