Internet Dating the 5 Types of Guys That Turn Women Off Part 4

By Dave M.




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>>> #4. MR. EL CHEAPO

This is the guy who invites a woman out and expects the woman to pay. He’ll look at her with this look like: ‘Hey, wheres your share of the bill?’

Anytime you ask a woman out and suggest she pay 1/2 you’ve already been tagged as Mr. El Cheapo.

Remember first impressions are everything and if you start off this way, the woman will constantly be thinking of all the dates where you’d try to ‘pinch pennies’ or asking her to pay.

Trust me, she’s already told her friends about you and they’re already plotting your end.

Next: Definitely the wrong type of guy to be.

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1 Comment to Internet Dating the 5 Types of Guys That Turn Women Off Part 4

  1. I agree, but at some point if you are dating for awhile, I think she should pay half, especially for the younger guys out there. College students and such don’t have the cash to pay for two people continually. After a few dates, it’s definitely OK to split the bill, and if you’re in a relationship, it’s expected, in my opinion. Every once in awhile though, a guy should take a girl out and pay it all.

    Comment by Bob — @ 12:14 PM

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