Internet Dating – The Single Most Important Skill A Man Must Master – Outside the Bedroom Pt 2

By Dave M.




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Flirting gives a woman the closeness, non-sexual play and attention she wants. It’s what they’re asking for when they say they want more intimacy and time to heat up” for sex.

For men who are skilled at flirting, it’s the ice-breaker, then build-up, and finally, sex.

Think back for a moment to those times when you found yourself in a flirtatious encounter. It was like a magnet. It was free and enticing.

As it continued, it was arousing to the point that there was nowhere else in the world you’d rather be. Inside you prayed nothing would interrupt what was going on between you and her. You didn’t want it to end. You only wanted MORE. And so did she.

And how killer it is when a woman likes it as much as you do! When both of you are having fun flirting, a woman feels less hit on. Why? Because it takes TWO to flirt.

If you flirt first, and she doesn’t flirt back, then she may be playing hard to get; or it could be she’s not interested. At least it helps you find that out at the beginning before you waste your time on someone who doesn’t want to come around.

But if you know how to flirt in a way that drives women absolutely crazy, you’re in.

Next,  the thrill of flirting from a woman’s point of view.

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