Internet Dating Tips – Email Examples Part Three

By Dave M.




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Simple. I’d toss it out and start from scratch.

You are NOT trying to impress her, and you aren’t trying to be confrontational.

She mis-spelled something in her profile right?

Let’s use that same theme, but in a different way. Let’s change the TONE of this email because right now its too confrontational.

Subject: I just thought you should know…

— Begin Email —


I kind of liked your profile, and you sound like

you might be a cool person to get to know better.

You seem like an interesting girl. Tell me more

about… (something she wrote in her profile you


Your name

P.S. I thought you should know It was your

misspelling of (insert the word) in your profile

that first got my attention.

— End Email —

Let’s recap. Here’s What I did.

The tone of Rich’s email was really in your face, and too confrontational.

When a woman’s got 20+ OTHER¬† emails each day coming in like clockwork from other guys who are all TRYING to impress her, if you’re trying to do the same, odds are she’s not going to respond.

You need to say the same thing, but in a SPECIFIC way. You don’t want to hit on her because thats what every other guy is doing.

You want to come off different.

But first, RULE #1.

RULE #1 states that your email MUST get opened. It *all* starts from this point.

If your email doesn’t get opened, then that great email you just spent 15 minutes writing is all for nothing.

In this case I’m using a subject line which creates CURIOSITY. “I just thought you should know…”

Know what?

The only way to find out is to OPEN THE EMAIL, and by doing so you’ve accomplished your first goal.

Let’s talk about the body of the email. Do you see what I did?

I’m being really cool and casual, not hitting on her, and not saying anything specific. I’m letting her know that I’m still not quite sure about her.

(as well it should be, I haven’t met her yet.)

Oh, and here’s the best part…

The ending is where I ‘hid’ the misspelling thing. And at that point it’s like ending a conversation with someone, turning your back, and then saying “Oh, by the way…”

Thats what a P.S. does.

And the way I used it in this email, I tied it into the subject line, so when she’s done reading the email I’ve closed the loop I started. At the end of the email is the answer to the ambiguous comment in the subject.

Hmmmm… something to think about.

Try out this email, take it customize it, write it in your OWN language, just like the way you speak.

Feel free to come by and share your results.

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