Internet Dating Tips – Email Examples Part Two

By Dave M.




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19208943When I read your question Rich, I read into a deeper issue than just “Hey Dave, what do I say to chicks online?”

I read: “Somehow I think I need to try very hard to get a woman’s attention online but I’m not sure what clever thing to say.”

And this my friend is what I call faulty logic.

Here’s why.

You’re starting from the wrong place, and when you do so, everything else is going to come out all wrong.

You THINK you have to try to get her attention. (I’ll show you how to fix this problem in just a sec)

If you have done the ‘Recon Profile’ exercise I teach, you already know that 99% of the guys emailing women online are trying to do the same exact thing.

They’re *all* trying to impress her.

You need to come off DIFFERENT.

My program, of course includes my entire emailing system, including the most important things you need to know, the biggest mistakes to avoid, as well as VIDEOS of me showing you how to create your own emails. But I’d like to elaborate on the subject here for you today…

Rich, unfortunately you’re doing it all wrong. You have the right idea, but you’re doing it in the wrong way.

You’re trying to use something which might work OFFline, and trying to use it online.


Here’s why…

You don’t have the same ‘tools’ available. i.e. body language, eye contact, voice, tone at your disposal, and this is what throws most guys for a loop.


What You Read Is What You Get.

Online, it’s just words on a screen. Thats ALL she’s looking at and when most guys try to use the whole “Cocky Comedy thing” online, they end up being TOO cocky, and they don’t use enough comedy.

No, I’m not kidding…


When she reads that email you just spent 10 min putting together, the one you THINK is really funny, it comes off the exact OPPOSITE way you intended.

Game over.

Oh, and don’t forget, your email is probably the 30th she’s gotten that day, so if your email isn’t creating curiosity AND intrigue, odds are your email is going to get deleted just like the rest.

Next, how I would have written the email.

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