Internet Dating Tips – How to Get Women to Contact YOU

By Dave M.




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Being on these dating sites so often, I started noticing something VERY interesting…

I would leave myself logged in to a dating site: myspace, match etc., while I was busy doing other things online.

Anyway, next thing you know ….

Women are emailing ME out of the blue!

(I was pleasantly surprised 🙂

I’ll give you my take on it.

My hunch is many women tend to do a search for “who’s online” and then find you online.

Not bad! Sometimes you hit a winner.

When you log into your dating site, open another window/tab and go do something else.

While you’re off checking emails, on espn, watching ‘adult movies’ or whatever you do, you’re MUCH more likely to get women emailing you than if you weren’t ‘active’ on the site.

Got it?

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Maybe a little *TOO* simple?

OK, there is one other thing I want to mention to you right now. I want to give you one of my true keys to success…

Modeling other successful people.

I truly believe that success leaves clues, and if you find a truly successful person, there is much to be learned by observing that person’s habits, traits, and techniques.

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