Internet Dating Tips – How To Meet And Seduce Older Women

By Dave M.




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Guys usually write me asking how to meet women, (both young and old), how women think, what women want… and how they can use these insights to seduce women.

During my weekly internet dating searches (Yes, I actually use the system I teach), I found an interesting profile written by a 30 something year old woman.

Here’s something I cut and pasted from her profile on POF (

“I am only on my first week on POF and my experience thus far has been that I’ve “virtually” met many nice, fun, music lovers which is GREAT! The only down side is that people get angry if I don’t respond to emails and then RE-email me with negative thoughts…why? If I don’t answer, it should not reflect as a negative upon you ..I’ve been ME for almost 34 years and make decisions based on who I am RIGHT NOW – – so cheesy or not, ITS NOT YOU, ITS ME!! Let’s keep this positive :)”

She made it pretty easy for us to figure out what guys are doing wrong.

What can we learn from this?

She’s getting lots of emails from guys who are sending her nasty, angry emails, and she’s not alone. Naturally,  she doesn’t reply to every email and MANY guys send her angry, nasty emails (out of frustration). Whats worse is she’s giving these guys therapy to ‘soothe the blow’.

This is a HUGE mistake 99% of the guys using dating sites make. Not doing this will put you so far ahead of every other guy, not to mention this will save you from being frustrated.

If you want to meet and seduce women and a woman doesn’t respond to your email…

1. DO NOT send her an angry email.

I understand guys tend to get frustrated when women don’t respond to their emails. When I was starting out, I would send HUNDREDS of emails out a month and barely got any responses.

I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t EXTREMELY frustrated. I can remember many nights alone where I’d completely lose my cool because I couldn’t for the life of me get a woman to reply to any of my emails.

But when guys send the women nasty, angry emails, thats negative behavior, and its showing her your frustrations, its negative behavior and no one wants to be around a negative person.  You’ve got to change the energy you’re putting out.  I mean, do you think she’s going to want to be with you?

Hell no.

2. Move on to the next woman

Look, there’s MILLIONS of women online. If ones not interested, BIG DEAL.  She’s just an email and a picture at this point. There’s so many fish in the sea, you just gotta use the right bait.

Keep your eye on the prize.

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