Internet Dating Tips – One of The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make

By Dave M.




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When most guys see a woman’s checked out their profile, they typically send a woman an email like this:

“I saw you checked out my profile, you are so hot, hit me up sometime”



So why am I telling you this?

When a guy sends a woman emails like these, he makes the mistake of letting the woman know he’s nervous and unsure.

Don’t do it.

Do something DIFFERENT.

Challenge her.

If she thinks she’s cool, poke fun of her of how much of a dork she is. If she’s smart, argue with her a little. If she’s doing something, tell her that you could do it better.

When you PUSH a little (in a playful way), and show some BACKBONE, she’ll push back. That’s your sign that it’s GAME ON.

Teasing is fantastic. Do more of it.

And since your profile is written in a way that sparks attraction, she’ll instantly chose you over all the other guys emailing her.

That’s it. It really is that simple. It might not be easy, but it is really, really simple.

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