Internet Dating Tips – The Only Shortcut is That There Isn’t One

By Dave M.




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internet-dating-legsAren’t you sick of people trying to tell you the ‘secret’ to internet dating? It seems everyone has some tricky little method to meet women online.

Let’s be honest. Most of us meeting women online don’t really have a clue about what we’re doing.

Most of us spend our time trying one ‘secret’ or another and keep our fingers crossed waiting for results. We don’t plan. We don’t strategize. We don’t use any proven tactics.

We want magic tricks.

We want the silver bullet.

Many men are downright frustrated and when you look at their internet dating strategy, it’s no surprise.

Yet, they all fall into a classic trap that can ruin your chances of having success meeting women online before you even get off the ground.

Have you heard about the ultimate short-cut to success?

Ultimate short-cut? That’s right.

Many are led to believe that this is the holy grail of meeting women online.

But, if this is your idea of a perfect internet dating strategy, think again.

The problem is, while some of these alleged secrets work, the few that actually do seem to lose their punch after a very short period of time.

The real ‘secret’ to online dating success lies in sound planning. If you want to meet a consistent stream of women, you should devise a coherent plan for doing so.

It’s really crazy. Any guy using such a reckless approach would never get any sustainable results (unless, of course, they’re only looking to get results for a VERY short period of time).

What’s even crazier is that most guys who meet women online this way expect their efforts to work day in and day out.

Here’s your wake up call – you will not wake up one morning to find your inbox magically full of women emailing you with their phone numbers. You need to plan and you need to use proven methods – not cheap tricks and ‘secrets.’

Just like meeting women in bars and clubs, there are rules to this game. On the surface, many of these rules are the same, however many of them have been specifically modified for internet dating.

Most guys are way too lazy to put in the time to learn these differences and make things work for them… and I don’t blame them… it’s not easy.

Planning is just the first step, though. You need to aggressively execute your plan and also test the results every step along the way.

Many people simply try a little bit of everything and hope one of the ‘tricks’ they are using will actually work. Sometimes this will deliver some great results.

However, what happens when you aren’t getting any results anymore? Don’t you think it will help to know what was working and what wasn’t?

‘Help’ is probably a mild way of putting it. This information is *vital* to your success.

You absolutely *must* know where your results are coming from. If you play the guessing game, you can only *guess* about your future results.

Of course, the only way to know what is actually working and what is not is to analyze your emails and to systematically track the results of the emails you send out.

But I also discovered something very interesting…

I discovered that meeting and dating  women online is actually MUCH EASIER than meeting a woman the “old way”… because everything is so SYSTEMATIC.

Because you are meeting each woman in essentially the same way… with the same set of variables and circumstances… it’s pretty simple
to develop a successful “routine” which works just about every time.

When you figure out what is *not* working, stop doing it. When you figure out what *is* working, DUPLICATE LIKE CRAZY!

In my Insider Internet Dating Guide, I’ll explain step-by-step how to come up with an internet dating strategy that gets you dates.

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