Internet Dating Tips: What Madison Avenue Will Teach You About Getting Women to Chase YOu

By Dave M.




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I’m about to reveal what is one of the most *valuable secrets* a guy can discover to being wildly successful meeting women, (both online and offline) this is one of my favorite seduction techniques – It is this:

You must convey to women that you are someone with high value.

All too often, I see guys lower their value in the eyes of the women they’re interested in, and the things they say and do clearly indicate their lack of self esteem.

In an effort to ‘get’ the woman, they often end up chasing after her, trying to win her over, or come off like they want to get something from her. Thats the equivalent of putting a price tag on your head that says:

“Bargain Clearance – 80% Off – Buy It Now”

So lets take a deeper look at things, how would you define value?

If you were to use a classic muscle car for instance, what is the value of a 67 corvette convertible?


Think about this for a moment.

Sometimes value has nothing to do with what something is ‘worth’. A pair of nike sneakers that costs $10 to make may have a value of $100 or more because people are willing to pay that much for it.

Nike has a high perceived value because of the image they created for themselves in the market.


Your value to women is whatever you create for yourself. The more valuable you appear in a woman’s eyes, the more she’ll want to be with you – and the less valuable you are in her eyes, the less she’ll want you.

If you gave all your power away and chased after her via email and  on the phone –when you do meet her, do you think you’ve increased your value with her?

If you’re always chasing women, emailing them at midnight on a saturday night, willing to meet them anytime they want, or talking on the phone for hours before you’ve even met, does that make you more valuable in her eyes?

If your answer was anything but a confident “NO!”, then I can tell you exactly why you aren’t getting the results you want meeting women online.

She didn’t perceive you as someone of value to her. Human nature tells us this: We want what we can’t have, and we value what we have to work for.

So how do you become someone of great value to her?


You do it by becoming what I call a ‘In-Demand’ guy. By this, I don’t mean being a guy who goes about bragging how many women he has chasing after him, or being a show off who comes off as insecure.

It means making a woman regard you as someone other women desire. When you are able to do this successfully, she will be curious to find out more about you and she’ll be hanging on your every word.

The “trick” is to do what companies like Nike and others do to give their products high perceived value so you can have a high perceived value in women’s eyes and make them chase you.

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