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By Dave M.




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You know what’s kinda weird?

I get emails from wealthy men, who have absolutely no luck with women.  I’m talking about very rich men and you’d think they have everything going for them that this wouldn’t even be an issue. (at least I always used to think growing up that men with money could have any women they wanted).


These rich dudes almost always ask me “Dave, where do rich men like me meet women?”

Personally, I wouldn’t put a sticker on my forehead saying “I’m rich, date me”. I’m just sayin’

but thats me, everyone is different… I’m kinda low key about that sorta stuff.

So check this out:

I have a friend who’s in his mid 30’s, rich, drives a Ferrari (among several other cars), lives in a palace, has every toy you could ever imagine or want, yet he’s got no luck with women.

Why is that?

My thinking is that he (and other guys) is so focused on one aspect of his life, he almost neglects other parts. Namely success meeting women.

Listen, some guys are born “naturals” with women, most of us aren’t. We have to work for it, or a better way would be to learn HOW to attract and meet women.

Unfortunately up until a few years ago, there really wasn’t ANYWHERE you could go to learn these skills. Now things have changed for men.

Back to my friend.  One day we’re talking and he says to me: “Dave, what am I supposed to do? The second a woman sees me in my car (the Ferrari), most of the time they’re just after my money and not really into me.”

Poor guy. I feel his pain.

Maybe he should just give me the Ferrari, he won’t have that problem, and we’ll call it even 🙂


On a serious note, this is EXACTLY why you need to learn how to become better with women. Once you learn this skill, you’ll be in control of every situation and be able to easily weed out the women who are just looking for your money, and those who are genuinely interested in you.

But if you’re a rich guy who insists on showing it off, here are 2 websites I know of that cater to you:


Both sites cater to rich men who want to meet women.  The women go to these sites to meet rich men.

Here’s a really good technique you can use to SCREEN the women before you meet them: In your emails to them, after 1-2 emails, simply throw out the something to the effect of ‘she’s just on there looking for a rich guy to take care of her.’

She’ll respond back and based on her response you’ll know exactly what type of woman you’re dealing with.

On a side note, I have a client who’s almost dead broke, but uses these 2 sites exclusively to meet women and all he does is screen the hell out of the women for golddiggers.

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